Sunday, February 12, 2012

Future Coupes? Take Woody's Poll!

Parade of Early Chops Continues

Chrysler 300 Nassau, a V10 powered domestic luxury coupe. Woody Thompson, owner/writer of Woody's Car Site, has offered a poll this week: Which 4-door would you like to see as a coupe? When I read through his list, I realized I had created most of them already, lol. One I haven't rendered yet is a new Fusion coupe. I've started one, and I can tell you this, it's not what you're expecting! And I have yet to do a Subaru Impreza coupe. But the rest, I have rendered and will post here.

Please take a moment and click over to Woody's site and take his poll!

Infiniti M45 Hybrid coupe. Svelte, green, and powerful. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe a Jag . . .

Jaguar XJC, 2012 style. The newest large Jaguar luxury sedan is so coupe-like, it practically rendered itself. I smoothed out the trunk cutlines, simplified the taillights, added a unifying piece of chrome to the trunklid and a full glass roof, and that was about it!

But perhaps a more sublte, and smaller and economical coupe is for you. Perhaps a VW . . .

Volkswagen Jetta coupe. Again, the new Jetta sedan is almost coupe-like as is, so half of my work was cut out for me.I shortened the trunk a bit, lost the two rear dooors, and did the full "artandcolour" treatment on the rest of the car. I'll take two, please!

Except there is a Kia dealer next to the VW dealer near me, and I'm so in love with their styling. If they'd only do an Optima coupe . . .

Kia Optima Coupe—Ask and you shall receive! The newest Optima, designed by former Audi designer, Peter Schreyer is a tour de force. It makes an elegant, and natural two-door.

However, if you're craving a tall car, an AWD crossover, 2-doors are extinct these days. Call Cadillac and tell them you'd like the SRX Grosse Point produced . . .

Cadillac SRX Grosse Point—Some people just don't need "easy access" to the rear seat. They'd prefer the larger front door openings that 2 door cars afford them. This cream and gold metallic SRX would be perfect for them. 

Not on Woody's list, probably because Mercury is kaput, but still high on my "what if" list, a modern-day Mercury coupe . . .

Mercury Capri—Well, it could still be a Ford Taurus Capri coupe, lol. I really would like to see large 2-doors make a comeback. If they are pillarless like my version, well, that would be icing on the cake. Large luxury coupes, while undeniabley "sporty" do not have to be raw performance cars. The days of large luxury coupes, elegant and sophisticated, do not have to be over. 

And speaking of a Ford coupe . . .

Taurus SHO Coupe—I've also created this sleeker Taurus coupe, a modern-day Fairlane 500 XL. The roof is mostly glass and the C pillars quite thin and elegantly arched, much like the classic Ford coupes of the 1960s.

Or if you'd prefer a more elegant and formal Taurus coupe, how about a new Thunderbird . . .

Thunderbird—Instead of reprising the classic 2-seater Thunderbird, as Ford did in the early 2000s, I have brought back the also-classic 1960s personal luxury coupe Tbird. This iteration would be created from the Taurus's Volvo-derived platform with an extended wheelbase for more period proportions, moving the front wheels forward and cutting the front overhang. The C pillar is widened in this pillarless coupe, and the Thunderbird logo proudly centered on it. The interior would be suitably luxurious, with the rear seat designed with the same wraparound "cove seating" as the '64-'71 Tbird coupes.


  1. Wow this is freaking awesome! I love every rendering especially the Jag coupe which can do some serious damage to CL and 6 series.

    A M 45 using the GT-R engine would make one of the best Japanese cars ever!

    If you can only insert Paulie Walnuts from the Soprano's with his grey hair side wings behind the wheel of the 300 Nassau, that would blow my mind, lol.

  2. Paulie Walnuts was one of my favorite Sopranos characters! I should grow wings on the sides of my head, I have gray hair there and it's darker on top!

  3. All of these chops are terrific -- the 300C would be my first choice but all are beautifully rendered.

    I took Woody's poll and was surprised to see the Fusion in the lead. I think I'm having a hard time with the new Fusion being a 40cylinder only lineup. I was raised on sixes and eights and will be sorry to see them go!

    Paul, NYC

  4. That would be funny if you copied Walnut's style. My favorite episode is when he and Christopher are stranded in the forrest in the middle of winter after they tried to take out the Russian hit man.

  5. Nice concepts. Can you get any intellectual property rights on these if a manufacturer adopts them? Somehow I doubt it.

  6. I wouldn't think so. I just like re-creating cars into the way I'd like them to be.

  7. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your site - all of it. You are obviously talented in many areas. I'm sure there are many viewers that don't write in comments. Like that first morning when you just 'know' it's Spring or that moment when a humming bird stops right in front of you, your site is one of those little things that make a day seem better. Thanks again.


  8. Wow, these are some beautiful car pictures. Would appreciate it even better if the photos are bigger! But seriously, if these become real options for vehicle enthusiasts out there, then it would be amazing.

    1. If you click on the photos, they enlarge. Then if you "right click" on the image and say "View Photo" it will enlarge again to its full 1100 pixels wide. thanks!