Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2015 Buick Limited

Buick's new flagship could be this Limited, a RWD-based AWD sedan with a long 125" wheelbase comparable to the German LWB sedans. Taking a page from the Lexus salesbook from 1990, this is an S-Class sized car for the price of an E-Class. I'd envision it with a Twin-Turbo V6 in both gas- and diesel-powered versions.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Yes, One More '58 Continental!

I've become completely fascinated by the huge unit-bodied Lincolns and Continentals of 1958-60. I guess my regular readers can tell, lol. This time I've moved beyond the side profile and attempted a front 3/4 shot. My main "theme" for this angle was to do something with the huge canted headlight pods and the bodysides which appear to flare out at the bottom instead of tucking in.

I eliminated the headlight pods altogether with hidden headlights and I was shocked at how well that look integrated into the '58 body! The grille now simply wraps around slightly, seeming to tuck behind those "pontoon" front fenders in a way many from the Classic period did. The bodysides have been "filled out" and the rocker panels redesigned to tuck under and around the bottom of the car, All of the sheetmetal has been subtly reworked to be fuller with less "indents" everywhere.

I started with a '58 but soon realized with the extended front fender scallops and the reworked roofline it may have been easier to start with the 1960 model, lol.

I finished off with a very '50s two-tone paint job meant to evoke the Classic period as well, with a design that seems to disappear behind the front fenders, too.