Monday, July 22, 2013

2014 Cadillac CTS coupe—Artandcolour Elegance

Using the just-released photos of the 2014 CTS sedan, a more sedate and mature design than the current generation of Art & Science styling, "my" CTS coupe follows Cadillac's own strategy. Instead of the awesomely crazy and dramatic pyramidal Coupe now in showrooms, I created a pillarless coupe to compete with the Mercedes Benz E Series coupe. The profile is more flowing notchback than fastback and I've enlarged the already large grille just a little bit for a more formal look. Rather than use Caddy's now de rigeur slash door "handles" for this coupe, I used more elegant chrome handles. The "drama" in this coupe comes from the pillarless styling, ultra-luxe interior for four, a "faster" windshield angle and a 2 -inch lower roofline compared with the sedan. Aero wheels from the new electric coupe, the ELR, add to the quietness of this luxury coupe at speed.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

2014 Delgiata Lineup Revealed: Eagle & Villager Hybrids

The first model in the 2014 lineup of my mythical car company, Delgiata: The Villager. Villagers are Executive class sedans with a dual-purpose hatchback. The electronic hatch may be opened remotely in one piece, lifting and sliding forward a bit on the roof for maximum opening, or in two pieces, with the glass lifting and sliding and the bottom part folding down and out to form a tailgate and longer loadfloor. Carbon fiber and micro-veneer construction is ultra lightweight and strong, and the plug-in electric motor is combined with a range-extending 1.5 liter horizontally opposed "flat" 6. Equipment levels are generous, with options limited to colors and owner-packages, including "Rear Office," "Entertainment," and full-boat, sybaritic, "Complete," packages.

The Villager joins the smaller, ultra-high mileage Eagle, below:

The second model introduced this year is the Eagle, the "entry-level" Delgiata that is anything but. Small exterior size belies the roomy 4-passenger interior, with every modern convenience. Construction follows its larger Executive brother's, the Village, in carbon-fiber and microveneer. In the Eagle, the plug-in hybrid drivetrain includes a range-extending .9 liter inline 3 cylinder. Combined they move the Eagle from 0-60 in 8 seconds while giving combined mileage ratings in the "150 MPG/e" range.

Both new Deligiatas feature electronic all-wheel drive.

These two new models in the Delgiata lineup join the 4-cylinder hybrid "Delivery Van" I created in the mid 2000s., here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What if. . . Mark II Slantback?

The 1956-57 Mark II coupe is a tours-de-force. It is elegance personified with its formal roof and clean lines. It is one of the cleanest cars of the Fifties decade.

With this chop, I'm exploring what the car may have looked like without the severely formal and close-coupled roof.  I gave it a faster roofline and backlight. I straightened out the classic body contour kickup in the rear quarters and, obviously, gave it rear fender skirts and chromed rockerpanel trim.  Smaller details include moving the exhaust outlets down from below the taillights to below the bumper, thus extending the "tubular" rocker panel trim. I filled in the former exhaust pods and glassed-over the license plate recess. 

I'm not in any way "improving" the Mark II with these changes, that would be impossible! But I think this look could have been developed into a stunning car by the Mark's stylists had they gone in this direction!