Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2013 Lincoln MKZ/C: Luxury Hybrid Pillarless Coupe

2013 MKZ/C—Coupe based on the MKZ sedan concept. I shortened the trunk and rear overhang a few inches, and I pushed the front wheels forward a few inches, for more classic proportions. Pillarless coupe styling would be a first for entry-level luxury hybrids.


  1. I have to tell you, I REALLY like this car. You TRANSFORMED the side profile. Losing the B-pillar makes a HUGE difference. I might even be able to live with that grille, lol!
    Wish you'd listen to me a get a job at Lincoln's design studio. God knows they need you!

  2. Beautiful! A Lincoln two-door hardtop! What a concept (no pun intended). They need this car.

    Paul, NYC

  3. This could also be the new LSC if you integrate the hump on the back, lol.

  4. Its beautiful, but I think you should have stayed with the same exterior dimensions as the 4-door MKZ. But instead, give it a longer hood and rear deck lid for a classic appearance. I love you're idea with the pillar less hardtop! Keep it!