Friday, June 29, 2012

My Lincoln Project Continues: MKS/2 Plug-In

Bringing Two-Tone Back! My newest Lincoln illustrated in Palm Springs with the available Copper and Pewter Luxury Group.

C H O P S — My latest Lincoln would be a sleek plug-in Hybrid, RWD/AWD replacement for their MKS. The MKS on sale now, at its core, is based on a Volvo platform, from the days Ford owned that Swedish marque. I used Volvo's new S60 sport sedan as the base for this sedan then. I extended the front end to make room for a brand-new Inline 6 EcoBoost, the first new inline engine from a domestic automaker in quite some time. I also extended the rear overhang for more trunk space and so the rear seat could be moved back a few inches for more legroom. Most obvious, perhaps, is a return to a classic two-tone paint job, in this case, the Copper and Pewter Luxury Group. Lincoln has a long history of designer packages and "luxury groups" based on colors and this bold 21st century interpretation just might help get New Lincoln noticed. 

I placed this new Lincoln in front of a classic Mid Century Modern home in Palm Springs I found while Googling. I think you'll agree it's a classic pairing.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lighter and Glassier Accord Coupe for 2014?

To answer the headline, sadly, no. This lighter and glassier Accord coupe isn't going to be introduced at any time soon. 

C H O P S — Honda Styling's long descent into heavier, thicker, fuller, blobbier cars continues unabated with their recently introduced Accord Coupe for 2013, and I continue to try to push them in another direction, lol. Hondas once had some of the lowest beltlines and thinnest pillars around. No longer. I've tried to bring back a simpler Accord coupe with this chop. It's a hatchback, too. I think all Hondas should have hatches. And badass, high-strung, and frugal, cutting-edge, powerplants and drivetrains.

2020 Lincoln MKH/3

The Future of the Performance Luxury Sedan?

Well, sometimes you just want to have fun: Turning a Ferrari FF into a H-igh-performance H-ydrogen fuel-cell H-ybrid Lincoln kinda fun!  The MKH/3. Click on image to enlarge, as always.

This roomy-but-small Lincoln would be offered in the year 2020 and would include a hydrogen fuel-cell, as well as a tiny supercharged diesel engine and programmable lithium-ion hybrid drivetrain. "Gas" mileage would be measured in the months, not miles and when plugged into the grid at night, your little Hot Rod Lincoln would create enough energy to run your 21st century clean & green home the next day. A solar-paneled roof would help power the Lincoln's batteries during the day.

Base photo was the just-introduced Novitec-Rosso Ferrari FF.