Friday, December 27, 2013

Fifties Mercury "Sportscar" Unearthed-Needs Work

The late 1950s was a tumultuous time for Ford Motor Company. They were gung-ho on matching General Motors almost car-for-car, leading to the introduction of the Edsel, larger 4-seat Thunderbird, and the largest unit-bodied car built at that point, the glorious and gargantuan '58 Lincoln lineup. Following up on that would be the upsized and upmarketed Mercury lineup. Perhaps in the heady days of fall '57 when it became apparent Edsel was doomed and the bigger Tbird had yet to begin its meteoric sales climb over the '57 2-seaters, perhaps Mercury designers were called on to do a quick "sportscar" based on the new-for-'59 Mercury chassis. Cut down to about a 115" wheelbase, it still would have had the prestige of the Mercury nameplate. It would have had 2 small fold down rear seats and the Tbird's front bucket seats for true 2+2 seating. Using as many production components as possible, this Marquis coupe could have gone on sale in the first quarter if '59 if necessary, if the 4-seat Tbird had bombed.

Yeah, all this is fake, but I have fun reimagining the past! I really like the way this one turned out. It has a bit of late Loewy 2-seater designs in the greenhouse and the rocket motif works well on a sports coupe. I think it could have been the drivers' car of the day.

If I don't get back before then, I hope everyone has a great new year! I, for one, am very glad 2013 is coming to a close and I hope it doesn't kick me in the ass one more time before it's history, lol.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

At first I thought making the new Mustang into a notchback would be easy. I had done that several times to the previous Mustang. But I ended up having to change almost every body panel. I shortened the rear overhang by about six inches—probably not doable in the real car but it just helps the proportions so much! I also added a strake to the center of the car. I don't think the Mustang's long-lived styling cue of the side scallop with "vent" trim is really strong enough on the new model. By adding a simple horizontal door rub strip, I've evoked that cue without changing any sheetmetal at all. The angle of the C-pillar is important, too. I did several versions before settling on this one, which I think works with the shortened, lower body really well.

I'd like to thank each and every reader of casey/artandcolour this year and wish you all happy holidays, a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year. I may have a New Year's "card" that day, too, lol. Peace and love, everyone!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bring Back the Big Lincoln! 2015 MkTC

Using today's Lincoln design language, why aren't they fielding a large, rear-wheel drive luxury sedan? All of their cues work quite well in a larger, more elegant manner. The roof could be a large powered sunroof like the smaller MKZ, but perhaps ending in a 1950s overhang instead of lying flat over the backlight. The backlight could also be programmed to lower for ventilation, bringing back memories of the late Fifties Marks and the Sixties Breezeways. Slim C pillar opera windows are beautifully sculptured with 24kt gold Lincoln Star logos embedded in them. This rear-wheel drive based platform offers electronically controlled all-wheel drive, too.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1961 Cadillac Eldorado Calais V12 Sport Coupe

Meant to evoke a vintage PR/Marketing post card, the altered proportions of my 1961 Eldorado Calais V12 Sport Coupe really show off the new-for-'61's tailored sheetmetal and gorgeous lower skeg fins perfectly balancing the upper tail fins. I added a bit of unique front fender trim meant to celebrate the first postwar V12 developed by a domestic automaker.
Quickie 2-hour project tonight . . . 

1961 Cadillac Eldorado Calais V12 Sport Coupe—What if Caddy had entered the personal luxury coupe/Thunderbird market segment a generation earlier than it did? What if Pininfarina's beautiful "Jacqueline" coupe had been a ruse to throw off any actual "coupe rumors" from leaking out of Cadillac?

I propose the '61 Eldorado could have been reborn as a super-exclusive and super-expensive V12 2+2 coupe replacing the previous Pininfarina Brougham sedan as the pinnacle of Cadillac's showroom. A full two-feet shorter than the standard Series 62-based Eldos of recent years, the V12 coupe would have seating for two. The rear compartment could be outfitted with occasional rear seats or  fitted luggage for a truly European Grand Touring experience. 

Although the front clip is extended to house the domestic industry's first postwar V12, at 115" the wheelbase is a full 15 inches shorter than the standard convertible. A shorter rear deck contributes to its overall 24 inch length reduction to approximately 200 inches.The roof is brushed stainless steel and the slightly broader, equilateral rear pillars hint at the new rooflines coming from Cadillac across the board for '62.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2014 Delgiata Avarante—Plug-in Sport Sedan

 My 2014 Delgiata Avarante plug-in hybrid is a capable sports sedan as well as an efficient electric vehicle with room for four passengers and their luggage, accessible by a remote rear hatch. 

This is the newest member of the Deligata car company—my mythical manufacturer's entry in the burgeoning luxury electric 4-seat compact 5-door segment.

The "face" of Delgiata will consist of a mailslot upper grille with a brushed aluminum" pencil mustache" above with D-E-L-G-I-A-T-A letterspaced in chrome attached to it, teardrop headlights, and ample underbumper air intakes for the regenerative brakes and aero management. 

Delgiata is the first to retro the '80s with this simplistic and efficient aero-front end design, today rendered in carbon fiber. The monocoque is a mixture of carbon fiber, aluminum, and tailored high-strength steel for lightness.The brushed aluminum side cowl trim houses the access hatch for the plug-in charging outlet, proximity sensors for the side radar accident avoidance software and retracts at speed in conjunction with the aero- and HVAC-systems for ventilation. Simple clean-sided styling with careful cutline management, electronic rear coach doors, and full length panoramic glass roof are other Delgiata hallmarks. 

  • Rear wheel drive-based platforms include electronic all wheel drive.
  • Avarante is derived from "avant" and "variant." 
  • Delgiate was "founded" ca 1967. I was ten years old.
  • The company logo is a stylized spider. One of the earliest cars I drew in the beginning was the Delgiate Spider, a sports car. The logo is rendered in brushed aluminum with bright red carbonfiber inlays
  • Chop began as a current generation Mercedes C Class sedan to get the proper rear wheel drive proportions to begin with.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Focus-sized Lincoln Convertible–the Capri is Back!

I probably should have waited to post this, spread them out a bit since I so rarely have time to work on "my cars" these days, but I finished this just after the Buick Regal Electra Touring, below, so here it is: the 2015 Lincoln MKE Capri convertible.

This would be a Focus-sized Lincoln, below the MKZ, but would include a convertible and coupe in addition to a sedan and crossover. I illustrated this one in the optional Pewter-and-Navy Luxury group, a nod to the fabulous Designer Editions of the past. The two tone paint would be separated on the side by a full-length chrome spear just below the window line, and both colors would have a silver-and-gold metallic flecked clearcoat to tie them together.

The interior would feature four bucket seats in all models, and would include optional fine fabrics in addition to leather, with one having button-tufted seats evocative of the '61 Lincoln's, themselves evocative of the fabulous Eames chairs of the Fifties.. There would be several choices of interior colors including mono- and duo-tones. Advertising would feature these fabrics and interior colors. Perhaps it would finally jolt the industry into offering something more than gray and beige leather.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Electra" Becomes Buick's Plug-in Series Moniker

2015 Regal Electra Touring
Just as GS is Buick's performance line, "Electra" becomes the division's nameplate for plug-in electric vehicles. There would be Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse Electra models eventually. Above, the Regal Electra Touring, the new wagon version of the Regal sedan. Also shown above is the topline "Diamond Blue Luxury Group," which includes exclusive silver-blue alloy and trim. Also included is Buick's new "Wicker Canework" embossed carbon fiber for accent. Doors are accessed via electronic keyfob and touchpads on the B- and C-pillar. The blanked-off aero grille insert has subtle embossing to catch the light evoking Buick's trademark vertical grille bars. Two bonus points for anyone recognixing the 1967 Wildcat's rocker panel mounted "Ventiports," which now house the radar units for the 360° proximity sensors used in conjunction with other accident avoidance systems.