Sunday, February 26, 2012

2013 Fusion Futura Coupe, Lincoln MKZ

2013 Ford Fusion Futura coupe—An even sleeker next-generation Fusion, this 2-door coupe revives the Futura nameplate. Available in all the same trim and powertrain versions as the sedan, the Futura boasts an interior with four bucket seats and a full length console. Also available in an identical looking 3-door hatchback version.

2013 Lincoln MKZ Glassroof sedan—My attempt to "productionize" the MKZ concept. I changed the greenhouse to a 4-window instead of the concept's 6-windows. I lengthened the trunk and rendered the glass a bit flatter so the section over the front seats can slide back over the rear window, a la Porsche's Targa model these days. I resculpted the trunk and rear fenders to square them up a bit. Still an oddly proportioned car, but I think that might be a good thing. I've always thought that if a design is universally loved at first sight, it's too comfortable, too familiar. The cabin-centric shape of this new Lincoln just might be the next big thing in fully contemporary vehicles.


  1. The Futura is an awesome example of your work. I don't know if I like this or the Optima coupe. This design makes the Mustang and Probe a joke.

    Usually production versions aren't as flattering as the concept, but the case is the opposite with your production version of the MKZ. It is one beautiful looking sedan, thanks for creating and showing this to us!

  2. Excellent work! That Ford makes so much sense -- if Nissan and Honda can make business cases for the Altima and Accord coupes, I don't see any reason why Ford can't.

    And the Lincoln is excellent too. I must say I'm surprised that you didn't use center-opening doors on this Lincoln! That would certainly distinguish Lincoln from Ford (it still seems so odd not to have Mercury in the mix) and everyone else -- except Roll-Royce!

    Paul, NYC

  3. thanks! Once in a while, I "give in" and realize that Lincoln's never going back to suicide doors, lol, and give them regular openings... This door shape would have worked better with suicides.

  4. Good job with your photocopy of the Astin Martin!