Thursday, February 9, 2012

Barracuda, Mustang, Wildcat—and Some Cars, Too

The Parade of Early Chops Continues

This first generation Plymouth Barracuda S has had it's C pillar swept back and rear window made slightly smaller in this vintage "reimagination." I also added some chrome trim to the rear fender bumper bulge to tie it in with the actual bumper, and changed a few other details here and there.

Utilizing the same "winding road" background as the Barracuda S above, I've illlustrated one way an image can be manipulated in Photoshop. This small Mercury Monterey would have been a compact hybrid sedan aimed at the Chinese Domestic Market.

Chevrolet's affordable alternative to BMW's X6 Sports Activity Vehicle, the Berlinetta would have used the Equinox's platform with a 4-place bucket seat interior and powered rear fastback hatch.

Out-of-this-world, Ford Futura  4-place mid-engined hybrid sports coupe would have been introduced at the hottest nightclub of the season.

One of my many Mustang notchback chops. I really wish Ford offered the Mustang in its original three bodystyles, notchback, fastback, and convertible.

I believe there is a market for 3-door crossovers, one that is not being filled at the moment. Two large side doors would make entering and exiting so much easier for many people. I see so a lot of these vehicles being driven with just one or two people aboard. I don't think the slightly more awkward entry to the backseats would be that much of a drawback. 

Rife with areas I would change if I chopped this today, this Wildcat would be Buick's entry into the luxury 2-seat market, an updated Reatta in a way, but with performance all wheel drive. Reprising the classic Wildcat moniker is a no-brainer—meow!


  1. I like all of these. My favorite is the Wildcat. I think two tailights vs. four might be more my speed. Very aero without looking the same as everything else. Very good.


  2. Thanks, Bob. I'm going to revisit a Buick Wildcat one of these days.

  3. I know they used a totally different car in Dirty Dancing, but your red Plymouth Baaracuda just says Patrick Swayze all over it. Maybe the background reminds me of the Catskills.