Saturday, August 29, 2015

2016 Javelin SST: Plug-In Coupe for Chrysler

With my recently proposed "Heritage" division proving to be quite a popular idea online, I've extended a similar concept to the "new" Chrysler corporation, now owned by Fiat of course. I'd call this new division "American" to recall AMC as well as point out the fact these are fully American vehicles and would always be built wholly within the United States. With all of the AMC as well as Plymouth and DeSoto nameplates available, my first introduction would be this Javelin SST plug-in electric sports coupe. Leave the monster Hemis and Hellcat engines to Dodge,  "American" would be their electric car division.

What look like retro tape stripes are actually aero "tunnels" stamped into the sheetmetal to help keep airflow attached without large spoilers and airdams. Full LED lighting front and rear as well as quite a bit of carbon fiber used in the body structure help keep weight to a minimum. What appears to be the Javelin's vinyl roof is actually polished carbon fiber sail panels designed to assist airflow to the rear lip spoiler, also in the interest of economy and quietness. Electronic all wheel drive would also be featured.

Monday, August 17, 2015

GM's New "Heritage" Division's First Release: Trans Am

I'm proposing GM add a specialized division called "Heritage" to its stable of nameplates. With the demise of Pontiac and Oldsmobile, and in decades past, LaSalle for example, there are so many great nameplates in the dust bin. Many were huge sellers for the corporation and many still live in the hearts of potential buyers.

My first rollout for this new division is the Camaro-based Trans Am. Heritage cars would of course be based on regular production models, just as these nameplates were in the past. Start up costs would just be for the restamped sheetmetal and interiors. Each GM dealership would be given the opportunity to pair with Heritage for almost no cost. These cars would almost sell themselves with the free publicity the press would give such a bold move on GM's part.

Other nameplates for the future could include Cutlass, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina, even Firenza, and 88/98.

I chose summertime in Nantucket for the first Heritage roll out for this Trans Am because who wouldn't want to attend, lol? The great reviews would almost write themselves.