Saturday, March 30, 2013

Earliest Chops: Crude, Outside-the-Box

Some of my earliest digitally-modified cars. The technique! Or lack of it! These date to the 2005-07 era. Many were done in less than an hour. I was participating nightly in Autoweek's Combustion Chamber, an online forum. Someone would ask "what if" about a various cars and sometimes I'd do a quick chop and post it as fast as I could. Still, I like looking back at these.

International Harvester Travelall "Sedan Pickup." Behold my suicide door 4 door pickup with wraparound glass and an immense rear seat at the expense of a very short pickup box. Answers a question no one has ever asked. 2007-ish.

Exaggerated stab at a Toyota hybrid sedan, ca 2005-06. Interestingly, spy shots of the next '14 Corolla have some similarities with this futurist rendering.

Done in 2006 or 2007 this was my attempt to show GM that, yes, Saab's DNA could be made to work with a crossover... Body modified from some European GM crossover from back then.

This Wildcat was done just a few days after the first Enclave prototype pics were released, 2006 or '07? It was to be a tall, AWD, Enclave based sedan with a touch of Thirties Buick trunkback sedans in the rear.

I'm pretty sure this is Chop #1. It's an Escalade sedan. I was very interested in seeing what a really tall, truck-based sedan would look like. To me, the Escalade was a station wagon, and thus should have sedan and coupe variants. I had used Photoshop professionally for my book designs and production, color-correcting images, fading, feathering, collages, etc, but had never tried to modify a photograph into something entirely different. I think I might revisit this concept with the newest Escalade one of these days.

A quick attempt to turn a European Ford concept car, the Iosis if I remember correctly, into a domestic Lincoln sedan. I used the then-current Lincoln grille cues in a larger/wider form. I still like this front end. The rest of the car was pulled and made taller. I used the tall, slim C-pillar windows that classic Town Cars sported. 2007-ish.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Veloster Hybrid Sage Edition / artandcolour

My first stab at playing with this ultra cool little Hyundai Veloster, my Hybrid in uplevel trim. The entire car has been gone over, extending some lines, deleting others, reworking other ones entirely. I carved away at the oversized taillights and headlights. The two-tone exterior illustrates the top-shelf Sage Edition. In addition to the two-tone pearlescent white and sage multifleck metallic and teh 20 inch wheels with Bright Lime brake calipers, the interior features Charcoal, Black, Stone, and Sage vegan fabrics and "leatherettes." I've kept the cool body with 2 doors on one side and only one wider one on the other, but I've deleted all the door handles and replaced them with electronic poppers. Grab handles pop out from those small pushbuttons. The rear doors now open "suicide" style, too

It's been quite a while. I think I started working on this more than a year ago, but I'm pretty sure Woody Thompson sent me this photo of a Veloster at a dealership when they first arrived. Woody runs the worldwide web famous Woody's Car Site and is known for his automotive scoops and breaking news!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

2014 Buick Riviera—The Boattail is B-A-C-K!

My 2014 Riviera would be based on the longer platform of my 4-door Corvette Corsa. The Riv would be slightly shortened for proper 2+2 fold-down seating a la the Porsche 911. Creature comforts and modern connectivity abounds and there two higher-performance models, the GS and GS/h hybrid. Completely up-to-date LED lighting is housed in retro chrome-trimmed nacelles front and rear.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2014 AMC Ambassador Eight coupe: Yes, I Said AMC!

Here in casey/artandcolour's world, Chrysler reached into its deep stable of unused nameplates for this new twin-turbo V8 hybrid drivetrain luxury coupe: The Ambassador Eight. Styling picks up from the marque's long history of dramatically styled Ambassadors with a roofline evocative of its last large pillarless coupes from the early '70s. Red, white, and blue Ambassador Eagles from 1961 adorn each wheel center and '66 wraparound trim pieces on each corner of the car include contemporary LEDs. Those classic-looking, flush AMC door handles would now be electronic touch panels with powered soft-close mechanisms.

Note: The wheels are modified Volkswagen wheels. The flush covers actually are removable for a more traditional spoked wheel look. Bobf, one of this blog's longtime readers, suggested them for a different chop, one that's on the list, but I have a feeling you'll see them on many of my future cars. I love the look of them! The flat portions could be body-colored, too. VW is doing some really great wheels recently. They have a set that look for all the world like painted steelies with dog-dishes and some with such thin and flat spokes as to look two-dimensional.

Monday, March 18, 2013

C7 Twin-Turbo V6, Smaller/Lighter, Take 2

My second stab at creating an entry-level Corvette model is this slightly shortened C7. I've reduced the hood and front wheelbase by about 6 inches to accommodate the smaller V6 engines. For this example I left the rear of the car pretty much intact with the exception of the slightly wraparound rear window and restyled quarter windows. I extended the single chrome grille bar to the sides of the body, continuing it from the side scoop. The original '53 Corvette had smaller bumperettes on the corners of its body which lined up with a chrome spear on the bodysides, so this modern chrome trim is a nod to that.
  • My first V6 C7 Corvette featured a shortened and restyled rear clip as well as a new roofline. This one would have gotten rid of the heavy hatch and replaced it with a trunklid. The roof would be solid and not have a lift-off panel. Here.

Cadillac has just today announced the engine for my V6 series Corvettes, lol: A new 420 hp twin-turbo V6 slated for its upcoming brand new CTS model. For economies of scale, I'd certainly design a new 'Vette air cleaner for it and use it in my C7 V6! Link, here.

Friday, March 15, 2013

If I Been There . . . Rendered 1948 Packard Ad

My take on a print ad for the 1948 Packard Super Eight Touring Sedan, done as if I was in the automotive community back in those heady, early post-war years in Detroit. I gave it a new tagline as well, "Your Day Has Arrived," referring to the optimistic post-war boom in the economy from the previously war-weary public.

"Your Day Has Arrived"
C H O P — The base image for this piece was a scan of an illustration of a '48 Super Eight from one of Packard's sales/dealer brochures. I found the jpg online, I believe at that awesome Old Car Brochures site, here.

While I didn't change the profile of this regal sedan one bit, I changed all the detailing on it and gave it a two-tone finish. Changes include the rear taillights, fender skirts, rocker panels, side spear and other trim. One of my friends, the esteemed Palm Springs Automobilist, blog link here and on my Blog Roll, told me my changes resembled what Bill Mitchell's studios might have done, high praise indeed!

Once I was done with the car I "lifted" it from its period layouts and stylistically placed it at the shore. Color matching created a very special and "eye-catching" ad if I do say so myself. Finishing it off was an optimistic new post-war tagline I created for this Packard: Your Day Has Arrived.
  • I've reworked a couple of 1954 Studebaker ads, creating sedans from their lower, longer coupe bodies. It's posted at my original blog, casey/artandcoloujr. I didnt' realize it wasn't also posted here. Enjoy! Link, here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

2014 Corvette Corsa: Panamera Competitor

The new Corvette Stingray is proving to be a fun car to chop. I've made a couple of shorter V6 versions, and here is the larger version with four doors. I gave it the name of Corsa in honor of the Corvair's uplevel trim in '65 and '66. Corvette Corsa has a nice ring to it, too. I really wasn't sure if this extension was going to work, it could so easily have turned into a freak show, lol, but I think I've pulled it off. I actually love the way this car looks. The windows are a bit taller, as is the roof, to balance the rest of the car and I can just imagine slinking into the rear bucket seats and having my driver bring me to town.

Please check out the this week. His On the Table page is featuring many of my cars this week. As always, a huge thanks to Peter DeLorenzo for his kind words and the awesome audience he allows me to tap into. Link, here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Twin-Turbo V6 Corvette SL: Shorter & Lighter

I would not be surprised to see the Corvette spun off to become its own make one of these days. Then I think the Corvette brand will expand and diversify. This chop renders the smallest, lightest, 'Vette, with a twin-turbo V6. Compared with the new Stingray, I've shortened the wheelbase both in front of the passenger compartment and behind it. The resulting shorter hood reflects the V6-only drivetrain; the weight loss could be as much as 300-350 lbs compared with the V8 Stingray. Lighter weight and a completely balanced platform means massive handling capabilities. Optional carbon fiber body pieces are aimed at cutting weight even further for competitions. At the top of the Corvette lineup could be a mid-engined supercar and even a Panamera competitor. Yes, perhaps a 4 door Corvette...

Stay tuned!