Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hybrid Compact Performance Sedan; MB CLSK/h

Mercedes Benz CLSK/h—Daimler Benz's smallest 4-door coupe, the CLSK, in performance Hybrid form. I used the just-released C63 AMG Black Series coupe as a base image. I deleted the unnecessary fender vents, reduced the quad exhaust to a more manageable dual exhaust and deeper rear bumper. Speakers  for the new "audible" Hybrid laws coming online shortly would be hidden in these chromed exhaust outlets. I changed the pillared coupe bodystyle to a 5-door hatchback for this premium compact hybrid performance/luxury/economy sedan.

Friday, July 22, 2011

TIme for a Couple of Brits

Bentley Mulsanne Executive—Bentley's newest owner-driven sedan, the new Executive is 12 inches shorter and 500 lbs less than the Mulsanne it is based on. Taking off about a foot of rear overhang and smoothing the rear fender into this new shorter trunk space, accentuates the current Mulsanne's body themes. This shorter car has a stance that begs the owner to take it out on the road. 

In the interest of design simplicity, I deleted the outermost pair of headlights. I'm sure the main headlight's 24-bulb and LED array can accommodate the additional lighting features, lol. I made the fog lights placement relate to the main headlights in a more simple manner, too, cleaning up the front end's facets and jewels. "Coach" doors, or suicide openings, are of course present; electrically-operated. Severely utilitarian 15-spoke case aluminum wheels round out this special nod to Bentley's storied owner-drivers.

Executive sedan available with V8 Twin Turbo Hybrid; V10 Twin Turbodiesel; and QuadCharge W12, for maximum performance.

Newest Mini, the Coupe, detailed the artandcolour way. I changed the roof from red to black, the wheel well flares from black to gray, I blackened out portions of the wheel rims, and I detailed the rocker panel trim to better complement the wheels. I think this new production Mini Coupe is hot! I hope it's available in a version that looks something like mine.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Infiniti to Field A3 Competitor?

Even though Autoblog won't give me the time of day, lol, they just posted an item saying that Infiniti is planning a compact platform—another of my previously created chops. It would compete with Audi's A3, a smallish hatchback in Europe, and a somewhat larger 5-door in the USA. Apparently Infiniti will use a design language introduced on the Etherea concept. My D20 was conceived before the Etherea, so it's more "generic" in design, but follows the generally smooth look of their current G- and M-series.

Finally! Lexus to Offer RAV4-based CUV

According to a report at Autoblog today, Lexus is going to produce a smaller-than-RX crossover, based on the Toyota RAV4. It's about time! I chopped the hybrid cute-ute FIVE YEARS AGO. The date on this original was February 2006. I can't believe I've been creating my fake cars for so long, lol. I guess I began digitally manipulating car photos in 2005. Wow.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of my Most Outrageous Thunderbirds

I Photoshopped this 1970 Thunderbird last year. I made the fastback C-pillar a bit more formal with a smaller quarter window. I moved the front wheels forward to make room for, perhaps, a V12. Fender skirts add an old-school touch to this Bunkie-beaked 'Bird!

1967 BMW 1002tii: Early 1 Series?

Nothin' But Blue Skies Ahead for Bimmer in the Sixties

Overall, this 1002 tii would be about a foot shorter and 250 lbs lighter than the 2002 it's based on.

Today's RetroChop is my idea of what a late 1960s "smaller-than 2002" 2 door might look like. Using the Google-found image below of an original 2002, I shortened the wheelbase behind the door, (left in photo, above). I also shortened the rear overhang and trunk by quite a bit. The front overhang has been cut back creating a shorter hood. I made a lot of detail changes to the bumpers and lights, and added goldtone BBS wheels from an Eighties 7-series, also found using Google Images. The proportions of this mythical small Bimmer from almost 45 years ago are Italianate now; think Sixties Alfa Romeo GTV coupe by Bertone. A minor touch, I lowered the door handles into the wraparound chrome strip for a cleaner look.

Of course, there was no 1-Series in the Sixties, nor "1002tii" model, but we can always wonder...

Original 2002 image used to create my mythical 1002tii model, top photo. Found using Google Images.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Subtle or Bold? Tone Down Lincoln's Grille Slats?

Would dark chrome, diecast aluminum, eggcrate grille inserts look more tasteful than the bright chrome grille slats of the current Lincoln models? Or is that look too blah? Click on the above photo to enlarge it. It looks too dark at the smaller size, lol. 

What do you think of "Precision Luxury" for Lincoln's tagline? I started using it on the Lincoln MKS Series 2.

Original press photo of the 2011 Lincoln MKX, a crossover I'd love to own.