Monday, April 25, 2011

1961 Lincoln Continental Coupe. One of my Faves!

In the absence of a brand-new chop, here's one of my all time favorites, a "Continentalized" '61 Lincoln Continental. Besides losing the two rear doors, I re-proportioned every panel on the car for a long-hood, short-deck design. I shortened overhangs and made the C pillar a bit thicker for that proper contemporary look as well. I enlarged the wheels to 20-inches, the new "modern" 15-inchers, but would style the wheel to replicate the original clean wheelcovers. It might be cool to see a set of 20-inch tires with an aspect ratio of perhaps 50, tall for a "20," and have it include a 2-inch whitewall...

I photoshopped this car early last year, and it has appeared in The Autoextremist, and CarSpyShots.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

FF Sharkfin: Trompe L'oeil Roof Pillar Comes to Ferrari

My take on the recent "sharkfin" floating roof pillar treatments, as seen on this 4-passenger Ferrari FF variant. The A pillar and roof rails, as well as the top part of the C pillar, are polished unpainted aluminum. Taken as a whole with the body color lower C pillar and beveled glass side windows, the profile of a classic barchetta are revealed in this taller, more upright "family" Ferrari.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Volt Coupe: Controversial Beltline Trim Enlarged

2012 Volt Coupe by Chevrolet. Expanding the controversial black painted belt line, the Coupe extends this trim to the taillights, effectively isolating the Volt's roof from the bodysides creating a "floating" C pillar. Evocative of GM's '59-'61 "Vista" wraparound 4 door hardtop roofline? Bright work is expanded on the lower belt line as well. Wheels are enlarged but use the Volt's aero-tuned wheel design for maximum efficiency. Larger chromed nameplate is positioned to emphasize the Volt's inset door design and argent-colored composite rocker panels. Click on image to enlarge, as always.

An earlier chop of mine went the other direction with the black belt line panel, deleting it, Volt sedan left, Cruze right. I also straightened out the rocker panel trim, adding a dark section to the doors, and running a chrome strip along the top.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Past Blasts: Fairlane Victoria 4-Door "Coupe"

V8 or Hybrid EcoBoost Versions; Both RWD, Both Same Trim, Both Same Price

Classic Fairlane "Checkmark" is molded into the sheet-metal smart blanks for this 21st century take on the original Mid-Century Modern '55-'57 side trim. 

Past Blasts: Talismans From Detroit et Boulogne-Billancourt*

Cadillac Talisman crossover wagon, chopped in 2006. When I saw this article at Autoblog, for a Hamptons beach cruiser, I thought of this radical Caddy wagon courtesy early casey/artandcolour. This example has tiny slivers of wood at the bases of the doors.

This Talisman is equipped with the optional brushed stainless steel door skins.

 Wallpaper from 2001
This Talisman is from France's Renault. It was a concept car from 2001, and I photoshopped this wallpaper for it that year. Ten year old photoshopping skillz in the house!

* Boulogne-Billancourt is where Renault's World Headquarters is located, a suburb of western Paris. For Wiki's short history of Renault, click here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

From Jeep to Infiniti... Lancaster and Kerr?

Jeep Compass Triporto CJ12—Small Jeep gets seriously capable. Based on just-introduced 2011 Compass New York Auto Show concept vehicle which utilizes the normal 5-door Compass body. The Burt Lancaster of Jeep cars? This is the original photo.

Infiniti M35 Hybrid coupe—Luxury muscle car in a demure green swimsuit. Hybrid drivetrain and pillarless bodystyle brings glamor to the eco-lineup. The Deborah Kerr of coupes? Original photo.

From Here to Eternity, with Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed, Ernest Borgnine and other Hollywood "names," IMDb.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long-lost AMC Wasp FWD Prototype. Needs Restoration.

Experimental FWD AMC Wasp sport sedan from 1966, found 45 years later in rough-but-ready condition—long thought to have been crushed. This car morphed from early prototypes of the upcoming RWD Javelin pony car... History artandcolour-style, of course: All in my mind and mouse. Click image to enlarge.

Hawk of the Skies . . . Batteries Included

I chopped this last year, an upscale coupe with supercar-level performance and Buick DNA, Skyhawk for 2012. Buick's quiet ride, coach-built, 2+2 interior, turbocharged V6, hybrid-assisted drivetrain, combined 350hp/700 ft/lbs, AWD, 3200lbs: Batteries Included. (Click image to enlarge)