Friday, March 29, 2013

Veloster Hybrid Sage Edition / artandcolour

My first stab at playing with this ultra cool little Hyundai Veloster, my Hybrid in uplevel trim. The entire car has been gone over, extending some lines, deleting others, reworking other ones entirely. I carved away at the oversized taillights and headlights. The two-tone exterior illustrates the top-shelf Sage Edition. In addition to the two-tone pearlescent white and sage multifleck metallic and teh 20 inch wheels with Bright Lime brake calipers, the interior features Charcoal, Black, Stone, and Sage vegan fabrics and "leatherettes." I've kept the cool body with 2 doors on one side and only one wider one on the other, but I've deleted all the door handles and replaced them with electronic poppers. Grab handles pop out from those small pushbuttons. The rear doors now open "suicide" style, too

It's been quite a while. I think I started working on this more than a year ago, but I'm pretty sure Woody Thompson sent me this photo of a Veloster at a dealership when they first arrived. Woody runs the worldwide web famous Woody's Car Site and is known for his automotive scoops and breaking news!


  1. I'm trying to recall exactly when this shot was taken, I would love to see the brand add in hose customization so that customers can tailor make one to their own liking.

    Casey, ever think of a shooting break version?

    1. Yeah. This one was a slight chop, with cleaned up details. I'll do another one from a different angle but more of a sportwagon.