Monday, March 18, 2013

C7 Twin-Turbo V6, Smaller/Lighter, Take 2

My second stab at creating an entry-level Corvette model is this slightly shortened C7. I've reduced the hood and front wheelbase by about 6 inches to accommodate the smaller V6 engines. For this example I left the rear of the car pretty much intact with the exception of the slightly wraparound rear window and restyled quarter windows. I extended the single chrome grille bar to the sides of the body, continuing it from the side scoop. The original '53 Corvette had smaller bumperettes on the corners of its body which lined up with a chrome spear on the bodysides, so this modern chrome trim is a nod to that.
  • My first V6 C7 Corvette featured a shortened and restyled rear clip as well as a new roofline. This one would have gotten rid of the heavy hatch and replaced it with a trunklid. The roof would be solid and not have a lift-off panel. Here.

Cadillac has just today announced the engine for my V6 series Corvettes, lol: A new 420 hp twin-turbo V6 slated for its upcoming brand new CTS model. For economies of scale, I'd certainly design a new 'Vette air cleaner for it and use it in my C7 V6! Link, here.

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