Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fastest Pumpkin Around

My version of a new BMW 1-series sport hatch, in a perfect October color. While there are shorter 3- and 5-door 1-Series hatchbacks available in Europe, BMW only imports the slightly longer notchback coupe and convertible to the United States. For this chop, I've lengthened the roof of the coupe to create a svelte hatchback for our domestic market. Darkening the rocker panels, perhaps using carbon-fiber to lessen their weight, creates a longer, thinner-looking car body. I also widened the dual front "kidney" grilles, moving them all the way to the edges of the headlights. I'd like to see BMW go back to a full-width grille, as they were in the '60s and '70s, and changing their trademark "kidneys" back to being a chrome detail in the center.


  1. I could have used this color back in 1990 when I had my Bronzit 325. I was forever losing it in parking lots.

  2. I think I'd name it Flaming Pumpkin, but knowing BMW it's Medium Orange Metallic, lol. There is a bright orange VW Golf R32 in town this year, the hot V6 version, and it's brighter than this BMW. Being a stubby hatch, it sort of looks like a pumpkin, too. A very desirable pumpkin!

  3. The wider grille does mark BMW's classic heritage in a nice roundabout way. Sad to say, chrome now translates to a silver plastic strip right above the license plate as seen on your friendly Civic.