Sunday, October 9, 2011

Continental Mark IX LSC-V12 Biturbo 2+2

The spectacular, if I do say so myself, lol, Lincoln Continental Mark IX LSC V12 Biturbo sports car concept. Long name, but the hood is even longer!

My latest Lincoln to feature the classic "Parthenon" grille, would "borrow" a twin-turbo Aston-Martin V12, and place it in a carbon-fiber bespoke platform and body. Utilizing a generous 2+2 layout, the interior would feature 4 Recaro bucket seats, upholstered in Nappa leather and Alcantara, with the rear seats electrically foldable. Fitted carbon fiber luggage would take advantage of every nook and cranny in the carpeted luggage area. 

This V12 Biturbo LSC would compete with Mercedes-Benz's AMG CL65 and BMW's M6 coupes in luxury, performance and price, and be faster than Cadillac's CTS-V coupe around the Nurburgring. Rear-wheel biased all-wheel drive would ensure all of that power and torque would make it to the business end of the 21" tires and carbon fiber/aluminum wheels. The body would be carbon fiber intensive for a low 3,400 lbs weight, relatively speaking of course, for a V12 performance coupe with all the modern safety and convenience items.

Base photo is Peter Schreyer's gorgeous Kia GT concept, but the only parts "left" were sections of the glass area and wheels. The classic grille is based on the Lincoln Continental Mark III of '68-'71. I think this "throwback" radiator/grille could really be what Lincoln needs to position itself in its market in the 21st century.


  1. Hello Casey,

    I do not have words for this, except three :I want it.

    This is wonderful.



  2. This is truly a masterpiece to say the least. It has a bit 40's tough gangster to it with a touch of old British upper class elegance.

    A good friend from my younger years, purchased a brand new full loaded 1988 Mark VII, which spoiled him so. Sitting in back going over the city bumps had absolutely no effect on anyone wanting to take a nap. It was one of the most luxurious cars I've driven in.

    Casey, thanks for bring it back to life!

  3. Thanks, guys, this is one my all time favorite chops now!

    Woody: Longtime reader PhantomX has a beautiful Mark VII, dark blue. He says it's a great car to take on the highway and cruise. And I believe Andy, in Malibu, has an equally beautiful Mark VIII. And of course Barry has several Continentals of many vintages. I think it's safe to say this is a very Lincoln-oriented web community!

  4. Casey, have you ever though of designing the interiors using PS?

  5. I've sent the link to your blog to a number of Ford friends.

  6. Thanks, Barry! I'm sure Photoshoppers aren't taken too seriously by real designers though!

  7. Casey, you really have my attention with this beautiful machine. I noticed the concept was for 2014 and its 2016 now. I have not seen it anywhere on the market. Is still coming or no?

  8. Casey you have my full attention with this beautiful machine but I have not seen it anywhere on the market. Is it coming or no?