Saturday, October 29, 2011

2013 Lincoln Continental

Based on the MKR concept car from five years ago, this 2013 Continental would be Lincoln's re-entry into the rear wheel drive luxury sedan market. The size of a short-wheelbase Mercedes S Class, but priced more like the E Class, this suicide-door sedan would also feature optional all wheel drive. Available with an EcoBoost V6, Supercharged V8 or Hybrid drivetrains, this car would go a long way in doing battle with the resurgent Cadillac division of the New General Motors.

For this chop, compared with the original 2006 concept, I raised the roof, added quarter windows front and rear, lengthened the trunk and rear overhang, removed a character line and added black and chrome rocker panel trim among other subtle "production" differences. The wheels are more appropriate in design for a luxury vehicle, too, but would still be state-of-the-art 21 inchers.


  1. I'm becoming a very big fan of front quarter windows for some reason. Even Japanese cars like the 2012 Subaru Impreza have them standard. For you Lincoln, Casey, not only should they be functional but also electrically powered. A good Woody idea? eh.

  2. They would definitely be electrically powered, just like the ones in my old '85 Town Car. They slid vertically down into the doors. You used the same power window button as the main window. When you pressed it the little window went down first, then the main one.

  3. I wish they would put a mustang V8 in this and sell it to.

  4. DANG! I wish you were the design chief at Lincoln vs. the no talent guy they have killing the brand. This is EXACTLY what Lincoln needs: RWD, V-8, S-doors, you got it EXACTLY right. This car would save Lincoln along with that other long gun metal Town Car you drew.
    M West

  5. Very nice design....when the rest of us get made enough to storm the Lincoln design studios, we are installing you as the new Dear Leader...

    FYI: As the previous owner of several 1960's suicide door Continentals, you will have to extend your wheelbase between the front door and rear axle IF you want the back door to open "correctly"....easy fix - just create an "L" version :)

    1. thanks for the door tip, Richard, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you check out the blog again.

  6. What is wrong with the management of Ford, build this car or are you all brain dead?

  7. good job they made it look distinct(as distinct as the old partial spare wheel shaped metal boot lid of the old continentals),otherwise i might have called it a mazda,mercedes,toyota etc.