Friday, October 28, 2011

Design Tweak: Fisker Karma Surf

Not one of my full-blown chops, just a slight tweak to the rear 3/4 view of the new Fisker Karma Surf electric sport hatch. I changed the rear most window from the upswept original, below, to a more "traditional" wagon-type shape. I didn't change the rear hatch window at all. I just used its baseline and followed its natural progression in an upward sweep to the C pillar, adding a wraparound glass effect. I also gave the roof a slight "visor" effect, which carries the eye rearwards emphasizing the cargo area and rear "haunches." I think it simplifies the side profile and the wrapped glass goes perfectly with the rest of the car. I also changed the door handles. For such a highly-styled vehicle, the Fisker's tiny, plain, squared off door "holes" are set too low and ruin the sides of the car to me. I added suicide clamshell doors and a more svelte chrome handle. For such a limited production electric luxury sport vehicle, I don't see why Fisker didn't used dramatic clamshell doors anyway.

The original photo I started with of the new Fisker Karma Surf. I don't care for the upward rising window line used behind the C pillar. I think it fights the overall shape of the wagon. I also don't care for the exceedingly plain door "holes" used as handles. I feel they take the emphasis off the voluptuous fender lines.
  •  For more information on this new electric car company, Fisker, click here.


  1. Come to think of it, Shooting Break would have been popular sooner in the U.S. with the Chevy Nomad Concept back in 2004. It still bothers me that it never reached production. I guess the Surf will have to do for a few grand more, lol

  2. they really should have built that little wagon. Maybe they'll revive something like it soon. The "new" GM seems to be making better decisions than the old one did.

  3. I really hope so. The HHR is supposed to vanish and the Spark will appeal to SUV buyers. They need to met people in the middle with some nostalgia. The ultimate Chevy dream would be to build a retro 57' Chevy. That brand has SO MUCH potential.