Friday, July 22, 2011

TIme for a Couple of Brits

Bentley Mulsanne Executive—Bentley's newest owner-driven sedan, the new Executive is 12 inches shorter and 500 lbs less than the Mulsanne it is based on. Taking off about a foot of rear overhang and smoothing the rear fender into this new shorter trunk space, accentuates the current Mulsanne's body themes. This shorter car has a stance that begs the owner to take it out on the road. 

In the interest of design simplicity, I deleted the outermost pair of headlights. I'm sure the main headlight's 24-bulb and LED array can accommodate the additional lighting features, lol. I made the fog lights placement relate to the main headlights in a more simple manner, too, cleaning up the front end's facets and jewels. "Coach" doors, or suicide openings, are of course present; electrically-operated. Severely utilitarian 15-spoke case aluminum wheels round out this special nod to Bentley's storied owner-drivers.

Executive sedan available with V8 Twin Turbo Hybrid; V10 Twin Turbodiesel; and QuadCharge W12, for maximum performance.

Newest Mini, the Coupe, detailed the artandcolour way. I changed the roof from red to black, the wheel well flares from black to gray, I blackened out portions of the wheel rims, and I detailed the rocker panel trim to better complement the wheels. I think this new production Mini Coupe is hot! I hope it's available in a version that looks something like mine.


  1. Hello Casey,

    It's always a good day when you post a new car. Two cars means a great weekend !

    I really like the Bentley. You trimmed it beautifully and gave the face a sense of purpose the production Mulsanne lacks.

    I am glad you got rid of those extra lamps. I find them more baffling than bothersome. By getting rid of them, you bring to light the flowing character of the front fender. This was obscured by those extra lamps, as they give that area a purpose other than beauty .

    The shades of gray /black on the Mini Coupe is a fantastic idea. Someone of Flickr recently bemoaned the absence of tri-toned cars.I think this does it in a very contemporary, smart way.



  2. The Bentley's front fascia looks a lot more sporty with the absence of the extra lamps. They actually looked like an after thought if you really think about it. How did the perfectionists over at Wolfsburg not catch this?

    The ArtandColour way provided itself again with how nice the Mini Coupe came out. The John Cooper Works package can get a little tacky with all the added on extras and multiple paint combinations, although some do look nice. I guess its best to keep it simple and glamorous.