Friday, July 1, 2011

Subtle or Bold? Tone Down Lincoln's Grille Slats?

Would dark chrome, diecast aluminum, eggcrate grille inserts look more tasteful than the bright chrome grille slats of the current Lincoln models? Or is that look too blah? Click on the above photo to enlarge it. It looks too dark at the smaller size, lol. 

What do you think of "Precision Luxury" for Lincoln's tagline? I started using it on the Lincoln MKS Series 2.

Original press photo of the 2011 Lincoln MKX, a crossover I'd love to own.


  1. Pretty nice improvement. I never really cared about the braces on the original model, unless they scale it back a few notches. : )

  2. Hello Casey,

    Very nice. Very Lincoln.

    I will go with Woody and one further: I'd keep both. The toothy grill could indicate the presence of a sports package , while yours announces a lavish interior .

    Would brocade work in a vehicle like this !?

    Andy P

  3. I like the option of both. Further, each could be had in bright or dark chrome. Brocade, or brocade-embossed suede inserts would be hot!

  4. I like both put I worry that your eggcrate design reads too much like a Pontiac or Oldsmobile. I think the idea of multiple grille designs for different trim levels is a great idea. And I love the idea of brocade embossed suede inserts!

  5. I agree and, oh, what an image ! When I read the words 'brocade -embossed suede " I thought of an old English Music Hall song: ' Thanks, I Shall Sleep Well Tonight . "


  6. At least Pontiac and Oldsmobile aren't around to look like my Lincoln, lol. I think much more slender vertical bars might look nice too, like the '40-'41 Lincolns.

  7. I like your changes and agree there should be different grille textures for different trim levels. Chrysler did this in the 50s (55 and 56) and 60s (starting with the 60) and had some of their best years ever (65 - 68 they sold over a million cars in four years).

    One of my favorite brochures is the 66 Cadillac full-line brochure, that detailed all of the available upholstery options -- leather, broadcloth, brocade, etc. Imperial did this also, and had names starting with an "I" for each one of them.

    I'm a dinosaur!!

    Paul, NYC

  8. Paul,
    I say Hooray for Dinosaurs
    There is a good reason why they are so popular and lasted for millions of years!