Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of my Most Outrageous Thunderbirds

I Photoshopped this 1970 Thunderbird last year. I made the fastback C-pillar a bit more formal with a smaller quarter window. I moved the front wheels forward to make room for, perhaps, a V12. Fender skirts add an old-school touch to this Bunkie-beaked 'Bird!


  1. One of my favorites , Casey . I copied and saved this for my files only last night .
    Skirts add such a gravitas to certain cars, don't they ? They really work here.

    This kind of formality would look great on the sedan.

    Wonderful work.


  2. Sorry: I had didn't mean to mis-phrase the word 'gravitas."
    Allow me to correct that:" Skirts add gravitas to certain cars."

    There.Now I can sleep!


  3. haha, I thought it read just fine the first time! Have a great 4th.

  4. Thanks! I shall sleep well tonight !

    Happy fun -safe-4th to you, too, Casey- and everyone here !


  5. The metal on one these cars accounts for made 10 cars that are made today or maybe more. Kind of getting sick of the flat bumper Styrofoam drama

  6. One can never go wrong adding distance between the front wheel and the A pillar! And the skirts look fantastic. I like Andy's idea about skirts on the sedan! That would be hot.

    Paul, NYC

  7. I guess I might need to do another Thunderbird sedan chop in the not too far future, lol.

  8. If your looking for a sedan, you can chop my 71. Just make sure your pen magically transforms my car with each stroke! (I wish it were that easy, lol!)
    The skirts complete Knudsen's "Pontiac" vision for this car. Can't you see shades of the 68
    2 door Bonneville in the quarter panels?

  9. I could add a lower "skeg" line like the '64-'66s had, and with the fender skirts, would add that Bonneville coke bottle touch. I have photos of your 'Bird on file.

  10. Reminiscent of a '69-70 Mercury Marauder. And fender skirts work so well on enormous cars. The kids would hate getting over the front seats to get in, but the driver would tell them the alternative was walking. It wouldn't even need a V-12; one of those seven-liter V-8s would do fine. (I have an uncle who has a '72 LTD with the 429 4-barrel and the high-back front seats. First time I'd felt secondaries kick in. Holy smoke.)
    Just the kind of car I'd love to have. Too big, too powerful and too-gas-inefficient. In other words ... perfect.

  11. I recently came across your site thru Autoextremist and love what I see. Could you possibly post a quick explanation of how this is done for the computer challenged? My favorite era is from 1955-1970. It would be great to see anything you have done on cars from those years for us older guys. Thanks again for your efforts.

    Bob / Maryland

  12. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for commenting! I've had so many of Peter's readers come over here from Autoenthusiast! He's been a real champion for me.

    Basically, what I do in Photoshop is just "airbrush" over existing photos. Technically, I make "selections" and copy and paste and paint, but without getting too mired in the minutiae, it's pretty much the same as the older, manual airbrush. I really wanted to be a car designer my entire life, but went to Vassar instead of the Art Center in LA and then found myself in a career in publishing. I still wish I had gone into auto design. We all have that one fork in the road where we took the wrong one, I guess.

    I do what I do with older cars too, but don't seem to have made an easy-to-find label for them. If you check out my original blog:, you'll find many more of my cars there. Scroll down to the "LABELS" and then pick any car mfr you like. You'll find my photographs of real cars, or my "faked" cars under headings like Cadillac or Mercedes Benz.

    You might like "Older Cars" which has a lot of black and white photographs I've taken at car shows and then colorized in Photoshop:

    this link is to all the fake car "chops" I've created. Most of them are posted on my original blog:

    Hope this helps a bit. I post every few days at the original blog. You might like the day-to-day photos etc I post there.

    thanks again for stopping by,