Saturday, July 2, 2011

1967 BMW 1002tii: Early 1 Series?

Nothin' But Blue Skies Ahead for Bimmer in the Sixties

Overall, this 1002 tii would be about a foot shorter and 250 lbs lighter than the 2002 it's based on.

Today's RetroChop is my idea of what a late 1960s "smaller-than 2002" 2 door might look like. Using the Google-found image below of an original 2002, I shortened the wheelbase behind the door, (left in photo, above). I also shortened the rear overhang and trunk by quite a bit. The front overhang has been cut back creating a shorter hood. I made a lot of detail changes to the bumpers and lights, and added goldtone BBS wheels from an Eighties 7-series, also found using Google Images. The proportions of this mythical small Bimmer from almost 45 years ago are Italianate now; think Sixties Alfa Romeo GTV coupe by Bertone. A minor touch, I lowered the door handles into the wraparound chrome strip for a cleaner look.

Of course, there was no 1-Series in the Sixties, nor "1002tii" model, but we can always wonder...

Original 2002 image used to create my mythical 1002tii model, top photo. Found using Google Images.


  1. Well, you are not entirely correct here. Because the car you dream of here was more or less offered by BMW... as the Touring hatchback.

  2. thanks for checking it out!

    Yeah, the Touring, the hatchback version of the 2002 platform car you mention. It was the same size as the 2- and 4-door sedans, right?

    My 1002 would have been about a foot shorter and been in a class below the 1600/1800/2002 series.

  3. I remember the 2002 very well, it ran over my Airedales foot. The poor thing had a cast on the entire summer in which he hoped on for most of the time.

    There is nothing like seeing a classic BMW on the road. Our 528e is going to turn 26 years old, wow!

  4. The 02 Tourings were shorter as the sedans, but I can't tell you how much:

  5. you're right, Martin. I'll do some Googling and figure out the specs. I thought it was just same length as the regular 2- and 4-doors. The photo of that orange one makes it look much shorter. I should have started with that photo, lol.