Monday, June 30, 2014

1958 Continental Mark III V12 coupe

This is a serious stab at creating a true follow-up to the gorgeous Mark II of '56 and '57. I've done an earlier version but that one was tongue-in-cheek, here. This version was created with an eye toward full production... Biggest change beyond the new proportions are the restyled rear fenders. I modified the front fender "scallop" motif for these new, shorter rear fenders, tying the side together in a more cohesive way than the way they were. I also kept the rear wheelwells open instead of skirted, to more closely align this III with the II and to keep the car as light appearing as possible. The "T-Bird" style roof with flat, inset rear window would include a powered center section, sliding down behind the rear seat and a small, stainless steel visor powers out from the roof when the backlight is lowered.

That long hood points to the first production postwar V12 in the American luxury class. The lowered body and roofline, as in the '58 Thunderbird, would mean a raised driveline "hump" necessitating a full length console front-to-rear and four bucket seats. Leathers and fabrics would rival the crosstown competition, the '58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham.

The roof of this example is clad in dark-tinted brushed stainless steel panels which perfectly complements the dusty rose metallic body color. Pink-and-Gray were my college's school colors and I'll consider this an homage to my recently missed 35th Reunion!

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  1. Hi Casey,

    Things have been hectic but I'm trying to catch up -- I just wanted to say how much I like your take on these oft-ridiculed Lincolns. What you've done really makes the design make more sense than the 58 did when it came out. To me, each year improved the breed and I'm especially fond of hte 60s -- especially their dashboards. I like how you not only come up with a design but figure out all the marketing stuff that goes with it.

    Paul, NYC