Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

At first I thought making the new Mustang into a notchback would be easy. I had done that several times to the previous Mustang. But I ended up having to change almost every body panel. I shortened the rear overhang by about six inches—probably not doable in the real car but it just helps the proportions so much! I also added a strake to the center of the car. I don't think the Mustang's long-lived styling cue of the side scallop with "vent" trim is really strong enough on the new model. By adding a simple horizontal door rub strip, I've evoked that cue without changing any sheetmetal at all. The angle of the C-pillar is important, too. I did several versions before settling on this one, which I think works with the shortened, lower body really well.

I'd like to thank each and every reader of casey/artandcolour this year and wish you all happy holidays, a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year. I may have a New Year's "card" that day, too, lol. Peace and love, everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Casey! I think it's too bad that Mustang has gotten away from the notchback concept, especially since I don't think the gastback ahs ever ahd a hatch. I could be wrong about that. But if they are celebrating 50 years of Mustang, I think it's odd they don't have a notchback anymore. Perhaps they learned from the 67-69 Barracuda not to olffer too many choices! Although, Barracuda dropped the fastback for 1970. Oh well, I think you've captured the feel of the original notchback very nicely here. I'm sure Ford will do quite well with the new Mustang and they should be spending their time fixing Lincoln!


    Paul, NYC

    1. The new Mustang should spawn a new Lincoln! They could lengthen it a few inches and make a 4-door sports sedan!

  2. I wonder if Collision 1 has any of the parts required to fix my old mustang? Does anyone know a place that I can go to find some parts for a 98 mustang? I love my baby I just don't want to have to junk her.

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