Thursday, December 5, 2013

Focus-sized Lincoln Convertible–the Capri is Back!

I probably should have waited to post this, spread them out a bit since I so rarely have time to work on "my cars" these days, but I finished this just after the Buick Regal Electra Touring, below, so here it is: the 2015 Lincoln MKE Capri convertible.

This would be a Focus-sized Lincoln, below the MKZ, but would include a convertible and coupe in addition to a sedan and crossover. I illustrated this one in the optional Pewter-and-Navy Luxury group, a nod to the fabulous Designer Editions of the past. The two tone paint would be separated on the side by a full-length chrome spear just below the window line, and both colors would have a silver-and-gold metallic flecked clearcoat to tie them together.

The interior would feature four bucket seats in all models, and would include optional fine fabrics in addition to leather, with one having button-tufted seats evocative of the '61 Lincoln's, themselves evocative of the fabulous Eames chairs of the Fifties.. There would be several choices of interior colors including mono- and duo-tones. Advertising would feature these fabrics and interior colors. Perhaps it would finally jolt the industry into offering something more than gray and beige leather.


  1. This is so cool! And I love how you basically plan outt he "finishes" and even the marketing of your cars. Linocln so needs something that would get people talking! This looks like a natural competitor fo rthe new Audi A3 which supposedly has a convertible coming (I've seen pics of the Euro verson).

    And I love that you made the connection between the Eames chair and the 61 Lincoln interior! And what car would look better in front of a Frey or Neutra house than a 61 Lincoln!

    Great work -- your dedication of Lincoln is inspiring!

    Paul, NYC

    1. You are so correct about the A3 being a competitor! I used the A3 as a base!. I really think if Audi can play in that segment so can Lincoln! Why don't they listen to me? I'm workin' my ass off here! : )

  2. That was supposed to say "your dedication TO Lincoln."

    Paul, NYC

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