Monday, January 23, 2012

Fireball Red, Black Ice, Golden Ochre, & Silver Cyan

Crude Renderings in Radiant Colors—Some of my Early Chops

Corolla SR6 was a nod to the rear wheel drive Corolla Lifttbacks of the '70s and early '80s.

Lucerne GS could have been GM's Banker's Hot Rod bor Buick buyers..

Severe Audi A6C coupe was inspired by the elegant large Italian coupes of the '70s by Fiat and Lancia.

An alternative to Mazda's 4-door RX8, this 2-door RX7 coupe would have been shorter and more of a focused driver's car, equipped in fairly austere trim to save weight for better balance and handling..

Blocky Cougar XR7 was a take off on Maestro Giugiaro's bright orange Mustang concept from several years ago. What I lacked in technique at this point, I made up for in brashness, lol.

Ferrari's smallest and most basic sports car, the H330's short-wheelbase, carbon fiber structure and body panels, would have been the lightest hybrid on the market.

Chevrolet Bel Air—a 2+2 rear-wheel drive V6 hybrid sport coupe. Consider this the big brother to the Camaro.


  1. The SR6 reminds me of the old Rover fastbacks of the 1980's. I remember seeing the 3500 up close in person and feel in love with it. Your Toyota plays a nice tribute.

  2. That Rover SD1 3500 was an awesome car. I'd take one today!

  3. Nice work! Why not try a Murray T25/T27 Coupe? Would be the smallest sports car in the world. Only one seat please..