Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1961 Lincoln Continental Coupe(s)

1961 Lincoln Continental coupe—Lincoln has long been my favorite luxury carmaker, and a favorite subject for me to play around with in Photoshop. I chopped this production coupe a few years ago, but it has held up well—one of the advantages of starting with classics! I know that the 1961 Lincoln Continental sedan's design began as a Thunderbird prototype, and I've seen black-and-white images of the clay models. I found this publicity photo of a sedan, and thought I'd see how a production coupe would have looked. I didn't modify anything except the roofline. Lincoln came out with a Continental coupe in 1966, and I think you'll agree the '61 version would have been just as desirable!

If you look on the wall in the photo above, you'll see an image of a '61 Lincoln station wagon. I  added that little touch to the photo for the eagle-eyed among us. I never got around to creating that exact wagon, but I've photoshopped a '65 Lincoln station wagon, also pretty desirable if I say so myself. This example has been a bit "resto-modded" with "mag" wheels. It's pretty obvious how much I love Lincolns. Now if they can just get on track for the 21st century!

There are other coupes!
  • For a slightly different take on a '61 Lincoln coupe, click here. I took the proportions of the Continental Mark series for this chop, shortening the trunk, lengthening the hood and gently massaging the entire car.
  • For yet another take on a 1961 Lincoln coupe, click here. For this one, read the short text accompanying the image. It gets a bit confusing, lol.
  • I've also created a '64 Continental coupe, the square-edged, facelifted version of the '61-'63.


  1. The main picture of the 61 coupe is pretty fabulous! Would love to see the wagon larger!! The coupe looks so real, I think it might have given Lincoln a little boost -- people who wanted a coupe probably went to Cadillac. I suppose Lincoln's theory was that if you really wanted a two-door, you'd go for a Thunderbird.

    The Lincoln in the field is a wonderful chop but I don't think they'd have gone for anything so radical, as they were still smarting from the Edsel debacle.

    The other 61 and the 64 (which I've seen before) are wonderful. But to me the star is the featured chop today. It looks so real and very glamorous.

    Paul, NYC



  3. I read somewhere that they did up an early 60s Continental coupe, but that the proportions were all wrong, so they went nowhere with it.

  4. Jalopnik.Com has the Superbowl commercials for Cadillac (ATS) and Acura (NSX) both cars that you previewed. I thought you would like to see them.