Saturday, November 26, 2011

2013 Cadillac 60 Special, Plug-In Hybrid XTS/L

The Return of the 60 Special—My version of a long-wheelbase XTS brings back Cadillac's historical 60 Special nameplate, first used on a young William Mitchell's classic 1938 sedan. 

I added about three-inches behind the XTS's front doors for more rear legroom, and I extended the hood and front wheels forward about four-inches for a total wheelbase of about 118 inches. The longer hood gives the car nicer proportions and also gives more room for the battery storage. This 60 Special is Cadillac's plug-in hybrid, with the "60" signifying a range of up to 60 miles on pure electric power, almost doubling the Chevy Volt's advertised 35 miles. The power outlet is behind the "60" on the lower rocker panel. This would be an electrically opening hatch and would be part of a wireless charging system. When charging the car, you'd push the button to open the access hatch, revealing the receiving antenna. It would then activate the wireless charging unit in your home garage, powering the access hatch closed when the batteries are at full power.

Further changes from the donor XTS photo include enlarging the glass area in the "third" window behind the rear doors to emphasize the more spacious passenger compartment. Aero wheels from the Cadillac Converg hybrid concept were added, extended chrome and black rocker panel trim visually lengthen the car and revised taillights look more classically Cadillac. Oh yeah—I gave this car fender skirts, too! Let's call 'em aero spats this time around. 

I parked this new green machine in Brooklyn, with a great view of Manhattan's daytime skyline.

Original photo, here.

U P D A T E :  I moved the 60 Special nameplate higher up on the body sides, making the charging outlet door easier to reach in the event wireless charging isn't available... I also added rear wreathe-and-crest sidelights and full-color Cadillac logos on the wheels.

U P D A T E  2 :  I just changed the cutlines for the rear door. I made them more "formal" and more Bill Mitchell. They also simplified the bodysides—always a good thing. I also raised the rear side light to better line up with the 60 Special nameplate in front. 


  1. Clint Eastwood is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this Casey-ized version of the XTS. Especially when he wears dark shade and a grin-smile.

    The rear fender shirt does bring out the brand's Americana flair of yesteryear and probably aerodynamically aid the car through winds helping out MPG's.

  2. thanks, Woody. I would take Clint Eastwood as a spokesperson for my Caddy!

  3. I think that Steve Mc Queen from the original "Thomas Crown Affair" would be a better spokesperson. Wish it could be so. This one is a very classy car. Very nice.


  4. Yeah, I would have Steve McQueen speak for this car, too. I love you guys, lol.

  5. Casey, I think I might be able to help with some research. If interested please contact at bf3915rexmere@


  6. A very interesting chop -- the overall shape and look put me in mind of the step-down Hudson and, as I'm sure you know, I think that's a good thing! There used to be a saying that if you stuck a Buick nameplate on the stepdown Hudson, you'd hvae sold a million of them. I hope this is true for the XTS (and your Fleetwood variant).

    Paul, NYC

  7. Hello Casey,

    Excellent ! That thin chrome line on the lower part of the body is a classic Fleetwood touch . It's something I wished they had put on the final STS. It's good to see it here .

    I love the modern adaptation of" 60 Special. " It's such a grand name, I can only hope for a future hybrid like this!

    Beautiful car! Beautiful work !



  8. thanks, Andy! I really hope some purely American luxury cues start making their way onto our cars again.