Saturday, April 9, 2011

Past Blasts: Talismans From Detroit et Boulogne-Billancourt*

Cadillac Talisman crossover wagon, chopped in 2006. When I saw this article at Autoblog, for a Hamptons beach cruiser, I thought of this radical Caddy wagon courtesy early casey/artandcolour. This example has tiny slivers of wood at the bases of the doors.

This Talisman is equipped with the optional brushed stainless steel door skins.

 Wallpaper from 2001
This Talisman is from France's Renault. It was a concept car from 2001, and I photoshopped this wallpaper for it that year. Ten year old photoshopping skillz in the house!

* Boulogne-Billancourt is where Renault's World Headquarters is located, a suburb of western Paris. For Wiki's short history of Renault, click here.


  1. My first reaction (perhaps influenced by your Boulogne-Billancourt reference) was of the Vel Satis and another Renault model of the same period. I might google these later -- my laptop is being very recalcitrant today. But anyway, these chops are very cool -- I often think we are deprived in not having any French cars currently on the market here. And I'm not refering to the Alliance or the Encore!

    Paul, NYC

  2. Reminds me of a Nissan Armada. And I'd opine that the C pillar is a bit too wide.

  3. Man, this car is amazing! I used to have Fleetwood75 when I was in college, and these types of cars are always in tip-top shape, really. I've always been into vintage cars, ever since. But I'm very open to owning newer cars, as well.