Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hawk of the Skies . . . Batteries Included

I chopped this last year, an upscale coupe with supercar-level performance and Buick DNA, Skyhawk for 2012. Buick's quiet ride, coach-built, 2+2 interior, turbocharged V6, hybrid-assisted drivetrain, combined 350hp/700 ft/lbs, AWD, 3200lbs: Batteries Included. (Click image to enlarge)


  1. They could easy use the CTS 2 door chassis for an all new Skywark and make modifications to their 3.6L
    engine. The General has some great recipe's but needs a good good. Casey, please put the apron on,hahah.

  2. Nice! However, Skyhawk was not Buick's proudest moment -- aren't we all still waiting for a new Riviera? Woody's idea of the CTS platform (I know it has a Greek letter name -- Zeta?) is a good one. To me this looks a lot nicer than the CTS coupe.

    Paul, NYC

  3. yeah, referencing the previous Skyhawk was a ballsy move, lol. Remember the version with the reflective body-long decal? I think they were black and gold and called the Nighthawk edition.

    A Riviera from the CTS coupe would be very doable. Even the Camaro's rwd platform would work. Ford could make a Lincoln "Mustang" for a high end rwd coupe and Buick could field with a Riviera "Camaro" with totally different body. High horsepower luxury coupes make a domestic comeback!

  4. It's a lovely body design. Unfortunately it's not different enough from the Maserati Gran Turismo to be called unique. However, I like the idea of a smaller styled version with the turbo hybrid v6. I think if it's put on the CTS-V platform it will be too chunky for this styling. Maybe the Volt platform

  5. I love it! I had a Buick Skyhawk in high school, and although I did get tired of saying, "It's like a Chevy Monza, only it's a Buick," I really loved that car. I would totally buy this.