Saturday, April 9, 2011

Past Blasts: Fairlane Victoria 4-Door "Coupe"

V8 or Hybrid EcoBoost Versions; Both RWD, Both Same Trim, Both Same Price

Classic Fairlane "Checkmark" is molded into the sheet-metal smart blanks for this 21st century take on the original Mid-Century Modern '55-'57 side trim. 


  1. An interest design of sorts, especially the very high belt line reminiscent of cars made some 60 years ago, now a British safety standard on new cars.

  2. So the Brits trade claustrophobia (not to mention carsickness) for safety? Where is Ben Franklin when you need him?

    Nicely done, though. New Interceptor?

  3. I like this! I would love to see a "studio design concept" of my favorite car the 57 Fairlane 500 (hint)