Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Return of the Toyota Supra-car!

This is my interpretation of a new Toyota Supra, a mainstream supercar missing from Toyota's lineup for a decade. I based mine on the über GT, the Lexus LFA. I changed the lower body, tucking it under instead of the Lexus's almost flat sides. The front clip is totally different as well, reflecting Toyota's lower price, lower top speed and more plebian role in life, with larger headlights evocative of the last Supra, and fog lights for more of a production look. I added "normal" door handles, larger taillights, turn indicators in the mirrors, new wheels, and a few other "Supra" details. I like the way this car turned out. I doubt any new Toyota would be as cleanly styled as this, they really have a very bulbous aesthetic these days, but we can always hope! 

1 comment:

  1. That is an amazing design! I’m sure the makers of Toyota will be pleased to see that! Your interpretation of Toyota Supra is über sleek and stylish. The build looks perfect, and I really like the aerodynamic features. I hope the company can see your design and produce it. It will definite create a buzz in the auto world!