Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Doors, Four Seats, Ten Cylinders

Chrysler 300 Nassau Coupe—The "new" Chrysler Corporation really needs a top-shelf luxury coupe. "Halo" cars, those special limited-edition cars that help bring customers into the showroom, are a time proven sales device. Mine would use the ex-Dodge Viper V10 engine and powertrain for a totally unique driving experience. Pillarless construction adds a high-end look, and the lengthened front clip, enlarged fender flares and rocker panel vents all contribute to its rightful place on the top-shelf of Chrysler stores. This platform could also be rebodied for sister-division Lancia as a revived Gamma coupe.


  1. Apparently great minds think alike. Not only did you do a new 300 coupe, you termed it their Halo car. Our shop, Halo Super Cars, was started over the building of a current gen 300 coupe. We are about to debut our Magnum coupe next week at the LX Spring Fest in Irvine as well. Good to see where not the only ones that feel the coupe needs a comeback!

  2. Very cool to see that someone can actually build cars. I can only photoshop them! The idea of a 2 door Magnum Shooting Break is awesome. I should have photoshopped one by now. Thanks for commenting!