Monday, August 28, 2017

2018 Jeep Overlander/E: Plug-in Family 4x4

Casey/artandcolour's all new, aluminum-bodied, all wheel drive, plug-in electric family crossover, the Jeep Overlander/E for 2018. Enough descriptors in that first sentence, lol? Jeep would work hard to make sure this conveyance would be Trail-Rated. Cribbing from a modern classic, the current Jaguar XJ saloons, I've added a Piano Black trim panel on the D-pillar tying in the side- and backlites. I think I've done it a bit more artfully though, making it look less like it's trying to be wraparound glass and more like it's an artistic way to use trim to lessen the visual bulk of the top third of the car.

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