Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2015 Ford Futura Hardtop Coupe

I really believe Ford's lineup is ready for several more coupes. The cleverly designed RWD Mustang shouldn't be the only one. This Futura pillarless hardtop coupe would be the halo car for the next Fusion lineup. I've used a modified Fusion front clip and added it to a very svelte coupe body modified from a Renault concept of a few years ago. Smoothing it all out, I'd like to see Ford's current Kinetic Design begin to morph into the look here. I like their strong front ends but I think many of the angles and creases can become more sophisticated with more tightly controlled surfaces. The right stance is everything and I'd widen all of them. The grille I've designed places the enlarged Ford Blue Oval in the center of a simplified grille insert, with the specific model badging in a nicely sculpted 3D effect nested on the top grille bar. This front end 1-2-punch of model name and marque ID could be spread throughout the line. It also lowers the visual center of gravity from the top of the hood to the grille, which combined with the wider track and more fully filled wheelhouses, really gives this platform and body a ground hugging stance.

I was born in 1957 and turn 57 today. Special day spent with a sciatica flare up and intestinal distress. Getting old is hell, lol.


  1. Happy Birthday, Casey. I've had sciatica and it's no fun so I hope you feel better soon.

    That said, I love this Fusion and I love that you use the name Futura. Ford (and others) desperately needs to have a car like this in its lineup -- I know people say no one wants a mid-sized coupe but which came first -- no one wanting them or not having any to buy? I find two-doors much easier to enter/exit because you're not bending yourself around the B pillar.

    Great work as always.

    Paul, NYC

  2. Happy birthday from one May baby to another. Sorry to hear you are ailing again.

    Although it is a lot more sophisticated than the car that pops to my mind, it could be a soulmate to the Ford Probe. I agree with your feelings on the current design - nice face (stolen from Aston Martin) then the design sort of goes 'committee'. This car has an elegance that Ford did not achieve.


    I hope it is everything you want it to be

  4. Yes, please feel well soon. I do enjoy your work. Happy Birthday.