Sunday, February 16, 2014

2015 Mustang GT Heritage Glassback

My interpretation of a hatchback "Heritage" version of the new Mustang in an updated Poppy Red. The combination of brushed aluminum lift-off roof panel and wraparound rear hatch is evocative of the original Mustang I's "baskethandle." I added dual chrome strakes to the side coves referencing past models and black rocker panels with bright trim to visually thin out the body. I understand the designers not wanting to reprise the faux gas cap in the rear panel, but I'd still lik...e some sort of circular motif. In this rendering I've included what would be an iridescent and reflectorized depression centered behind the GT logo. Under various lighting conditions it would change from virtually invisible to a chrome-like appearance.

And now that the Camaro is exclusively a notchback, maybe it's time for a Mustang Hatchback to be offered as an alternative.

I made an earlier "Glassback" 'Stang back in 2010, here.


  1. Before the new Mustang came out there was all this talk of how it would not be retro but to me it is just another variation on the same design. Your wrap-around rear window changes that. It makes the car look lighter, more agile.
    Rumor has it that the next Regal will be RWD on the ATS chassis. There are going to be high performance models. I would love to see your design for a new GNX. Maybe some time in the future, a new Riviera - please?


  2. The rear window and roof remind me of the Ford Cougar II concept from the mid '60s.