Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lincoln Continental Starts Off the New Year Right!

My latest Lincoln chop utilizes a 1950s Lincoln tagline, the "Living Garage" concept. The car itself is a low and wide luxury sport sedan. The aero rear deck is accentuated to imply the famous Continental "hump" and doors are center opening in the traditional manner. High-powered gas and plug-in electric drivetrains would be available, as well as electronic all-wheel drive. Click on the image to enlarge and you'll notice the rear window is divided like the classic Continentals of the late '50s (and the Breezeway sedans from Mercury in the 1960s). The center section would retract slightly to enhance airflow, just as the originals did.


  1. Yet another spectacular Lincoln! I especially like the rear window -- the 67 and 68 Mercurys -- post breezeway -- had a rear window that retracted a couple of inches. I guess the overwhelming popularity of air conditioning did away with the need for vent windows and other ways to refresh the air in non-AC cars.

    Paul, NYC

    1. thanks, Paul! This one started out originally as an Aston Martin Rapide 4-door so I wasn't sure I could turn it into a Lincoln! You're right about the ventilation, too. I guess the 3 piece rear window would be more of a talking point on a modern car.