Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lamborghini LMPV-003 for 2015

artandcolour's 2006 Delivery Van Replaced

Reprising the original Muira's "eyelashes" over the headlights, my 2015 Lamborghini minivan, the LMPV-003, takes over for my original Lambo minivan I created way back in 2006. This new rendering is basically drawn in with flat shapes and then airbrushed into a rendering. I like the rawness of it. The roof would be carbonfiber opening accordion style. Closed it would riff on the the classic Lambo engine venting. Drivetrain would be premium VW/Audi with a triple-turbo V6 up front and 9 speed automatic transaxle in the rear.

 Original LMPV-002 I Photoshopped in 2006.

  • My vintage scale model Muira, here,

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