Thursday, July 18, 2013

2014 Delgiata Lineup Revealed: Eagle & Villager Hybrids

The first model in the 2014 lineup of my mythical car company, Delgiata: The Villager. Villagers are Executive class sedans with a dual-purpose hatchback. The electronic hatch may be opened remotely in one piece, lifting and sliding forward a bit on the roof for maximum opening, or in two pieces, with the glass lifting and sliding and the bottom part folding down and out to form a tailgate and longer loadfloor. Carbon fiber and micro-veneer construction is ultra lightweight and strong, and the plug-in electric motor is combined with a range-extending 1.5 liter horizontally opposed "flat" 6. Equipment levels are generous, with options limited to colors and owner-packages, including "Rear Office," "Entertainment," and full-boat, sybaritic, "Complete," packages.

The Villager joins the smaller, ultra-high mileage Eagle, below:

The second model introduced this year is the Eagle, the "entry-level" Delgiata that is anything but. Small exterior size belies the roomy 4-passenger interior, with every modern convenience. Construction follows its larger Executive brother's, the Village, in carbon-fiber and microveneer. In the Eagle, the plug-in hybrid drivetrain includes a range-extending .9 liter inline 3 cylinder. Combined they move the Eagle from 0-60 in 8 seconds while giving combined mileage ratings in the "150 MPG/e" range.

Both new Deligiatas feature electronic all-wheel drive.

These two new models in the Delgiata lineup join the 4-cylinder hybrid "Delivery Van" I created in the mid 2000s., here.


  1. Hi Casey,

    I hope you are coping with the heat! I like these car a lot. the propotions of the larger one are spot on -- it really conveys elegance and purposefulness (is that a word?). I like the smaller one as well -- something about the shape puts me in mind of those AMC dream cars that used interchangeable front and rear doors and the same fenders front and rear, etc. I forget what they were called but I always thought they were a great idea. Some of their cues made it into the Hornet. Great work, as usual!

    On a side note, I was perusing some of your older posts -- particularly your scans of car brochrues from the 60s. I was amused to read my own comments on some of them! In one of your replies to a poster, you mentioned how most people don't ever look back and how some of us spend too much time looking back! I'm right there with you on looking back, especially when it comes to cars.

    Paul, NYC

    1. Hi Paul! I finally put an old A/C in the window last week. My macs were going wonky with the heat and humidity and so was I! I'm still looking back. There is so much to be learned!

      I have a new Caddy CTS coupe almost finished!