Monday, July 22, 2013

2014 Cadillac CTS coupe—Artandcolour Elegance

Using the just-released photos of the 2014 CTS sedan, a more sedate and mature design than the current generation of Art & Science styling, "my" CTS coupe follows Cadillac's own strategy. Instead of the awesomely crazy and dramatic pyramidal Coupe now in showrooms, I created a pillarless coupe to compete with the Mercedes Benz E Series coupe. The profile is more flowing notchback than fastback and I've enlarged the already large grille just a little bit for a more formal look. Rather than use Caddy's now de rigeur slash door "handles" for this coupe, I used more elegant chrome handles. The "drama" in this coupe comes from the pillarless styling, ultra-luxe interior for four, a "faster" windshield angle and a 2 -inch lower roofline compared with the sedan. Aero wheels from the new electric coupe, the ELR, add to the quietness of this luxury coupe at speed.


  1. I like this a lot. The current CTS coupe will certainly be a future classic but this could be too. I do believe though that a different color would be an improvement. I think there are too many black, silver and gray cars at the moment. Maybe burgundy or pale yellow, emerald green, etc. Nice looking car.


    1. thanks, Bob! I'd love to see more colors being chosen these days. I agree about the black, silver and gray. For this rendering I just wanted a very dark look. thanks!

  2. Perfection -- what else is there to say? The current CTS coupe is, to me, a novelty act. This is worthy of some fo the Cadillac names of the past -- Eldorado comes to mind, but Coupe de Ville would work too.

    I think we can all agree about the paucity of color choices these days but these dull colors are what people buy (which came first -- the paucity of color choices or did people pick these out of all the available colors so that's what the manufacturers make now) but if you want a car to sell, it had better come in black, gray, silver or white. There are few Honda Accord models that come, depending on engine/trnasmission combination, only in black. When I look at old brochrues nad see cars of the 60s with 16 or 18 color choices, it makes me sad!

    Paul, NYC

  3. Very cool! I'm loving every Caddy that is made at the current moment, especially the ATS.

  4. Color of today's cars has much to do with the color of the purchaser's hair. The vanilla color cars are for the peroxided big hair women. Do read about color trends aswell. Lots of psychology involved.