Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Repost: 21st Century Chevy Bel Air

This was chopped several years ago and was my idea for a top-end Chevrolet rear wheel drive luxury 4-seat coupe. I created it from a Mercedes Benz CL coupe and I used the quad taillights Bel Airs were known for. I also gave it a flying buttress roofline, evocative of the mid-Sixties Chevelle coupes, and of course,it  was a long-standing Corvette styling cue, too. The rocker panel brushed aluminum trim has faux "vents" in front of the rear wheels, an homage to the great little details Harley Earl was known for.


  1. Nice! It would be itneresting to see how these cues would adapt to the new Impala. It would be interesting to have Impala as the mainstream model and the Bel Air as the top of the line!

    I haven't seen a new Impala on the road and I didn't care for it on auto show turntables, but it looks pretty good in the TV ads. I'm sure many of them will show up on the road before too long, though perhaps not in New York City!

    Paul, NYC

  2. Great work! For my two cents, I would add the "v" trim from the rear of the '61 and, though the Bel Air never had them, hideaways.

    1. I love the '61s, too. If I ever do another Bel Air, I'll remember that rear end treatment, Jeff. Thanks!

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