Saturday, June 22, 2013

2015 Mustang—Evos-based V8 Pony Car

I thought I'd try a front 3/4 view of an Evos-based Mustang. I extended the wheelbase and then shortened the cabin and moved it backward. "Proper Pony Car Proportions" are absolutely necessary for any Mustang replacement. I prefer the original 2+2 style louvered C-pillar, compete with functioning interior air extractors rather than the current car's glass inserts, but they'd be available at no extra cost for people that prefer that look.

I've been under-the-weather for the past few months, and I'd like to thank everyone who has emailed me and sent their thoughts and best wishes. Summer is here, so let's all enjoy the slow and easy days of my favorite season!


  1. I'm very eager to see what the new Mustang will look like and I hope it looks something like this! That said, nothing will ever surpass the original 64-1/2 to 66. That car captured the mood of the country so perfectly when it was introduced. How quickly things changed!

    Paul, NYC

  2. So many of your cars should have been. This is one. And I'd buy your new Imperial convertible too.

  3. I could imagine it painted in dark green, perfect for Detective Frank Bullitt chasing a black Dodge Charger. ;-)

    On a off-topic sidenote, I mentionned a while ago, about a suggestion to imagine to see how DeSoto would had look if Chrysler had continued DeSoto into the 21th century?