Wednesday, May 1, 2013

21st Century Torino GT Sportsroof?

This reborn Ford Torino GT Sportsroof was chopped a few years ago, but had been posted only over at my other blog. I'm reposting some of those earlier pieces that never made it over here until I can carve some time out to finish new chops. In addition to being swamped with book projects I recently had a 16GB thumbdrive erase itself, losing my "Chops Start" folder with perhaps half  dozen new cars in various stages. Such is the electronic world!

This modern throwback coupe was created from a 4-5 door Tesla sedan if I remember correctly. I placed some of the German Alps behind it. I was born in Stuttgart in the Black Forest and at the time my Dad had his pink-and-black '56 Fairlane Sunliner shipped over there. I grew up with stories of how his Thunderbird-Special 312 V8's exhaust echoed through the Alpine passes and tunnels as he drove.

I think a 21st century Torino could once again be positioned as a powerful rear-wheel drive larger brother to the Mustang. I'd envision a 6-8 inch stretch in the 'Stang's wheelbase for a larger rear seat with added/upgraded luxuries.


  1. Long time, no see...though I see your work often.
    This is my all time favorite of your's...actually my favorite all time design, period I went as far as to email this picture to Ford myself. Everytime I see a new Camaro from the rear 3/4 like the rendering, I see this car in my mind. I'd buy this car in a second as long as they didn't add a B-pillar.
    Keep up the good work Casey!

    Rob -Scottsdale,AZ

  2. I second that -- this is a beautiful car -- dare I say elegant? I love how long the hood is and the distance between the door and the front wheel opening. This is a major problem on cars nowadays -- particularly the new Impala/XTS, that look like the front of a smaller car was grafted on to the body of a larger car. Their proportions are all wrong. But this Ford's proportions are perfect.

    Paul, NYC

  3. This is a car then Walt Kolwalski from the movie "Gran Torino" as well as Starsky & Hutch might enjoy. ;-)

    Speaking of Sportsroof, I imagined an version for the 1983-88 Thunderbird alias "Aero-bird".

  4. As the designer and co builder of the REVERSION MUSTANG our latest concept car to hit the streets, a few magazines, and even landed a cover of Modified Mustangs & Fords May 2013 issue, My next thoughts have been to build a REVERSION TORINO since I have a 1970 fastback parts cars setting here at the shop, I was thrilled to find this sight and see a lot of my thoughts and Ideas are being conceived as well. Cutting apart and building the "REVERSION MUSTANG" was a huge risk and challenge but the results were right on and it is now in the history books, time to move on and build the Torino GT! based on the mustang platform, stretched and designed to look similar Casey's beautiful rendering. Anybody ready to make it happen?
    Doug Kielian
    Auto Kraft body and paint inc.
    Lincoln, Nebraska
    402 474 2344

  5. I just discovered your site tonite and so far this is the BEST proposal within yet!

    Long overdue that Detroit brings back a classy pillar-less hardtop!!!