Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yellow Goodness from 2006

Until I can carve out the time to finish a bunch of chops I've started, I thought I'd post another couple of "oldies and oddies." Above, my Lamborghini LMPV-002 high-performance minivan! I created this light-hearted effort in 2006 from a Murcielago. The name is a combination of the marque's classic LM002 V12 full off roader from the 1970s and the European MPV—Multi-People Mover.

Way before there was an Estoque four-door concept, I created this QV350 Sedan. Ever since I saw a photo of the Iso Fidia sedan in the late 1960s, I've loved the idea of an Italian supercar sedan. This was before the current "four-door coupe" fad began, also.


  1. Hi Casey,

    I really like the bottom car a lot! It's kind of Audi A8 around the C pillar and, of course, that's one of my favorite cars. I remember the Iso Fidia -- I never saw one in person but saw many pictures. It looked huge in pictures but was less than 200" long so, not very big by my old-fashioned standards!

    An aside -- did you see the 70 Electra hardtop on Hemmings today -- no vinyl roof! I thought of you when I saw it.

    Paul, NYC

    1. Hey Paul! I think I did this Lambo 4 door before they were owned by Audi but I see the resemblance! And yes, I did see that beautiful Electra coupe today! First thing I noticed was how "classic" it looked without the vinyl roof! Happy Spring to you, Paul!