Monday, February 25, 2013

2014 E-Series TurboDiesel Hatchback: The Professor?

Sensible and SENSATIONAL! This is my idea of a Mercedes I'd love to see Stuttgart build: An E400TDI-h. For this "professor's" Benz, I've brought back the idea of a longitudinally mounted inline 6-cylinder turbodiesel powerplant, this time with a hybrid-assisted drivetrain. There is a practical hatchback in the rear and with careful aero-tuning I'd predict a nice round 50mpg of fuel-sipping diesel in combined city/highway driving. As much as I loved the first generation CLS 4-door coupe, the new one falls short for me and I'd rather have seen a fastback/hatchback E-Series instead!

The background is a detail from a watercolor painting I found hidden behind the cardboard of an antique frame. There was a second painting, too. Story at my artandcolour blog: here.


  1. I'm a big fan of German medieval town, love the car and background!

  2. This looks so much better than teh BMW 5GT or the Acura ZX or the Honda Crosstour. It ahs good proportions and a more purposeful look. And your ideas for the drivetrain are things that will be coming soon. You're ahead of the curve, again!

    Paul, NYC