Thursday, February 14, 2013

2014 Buick Invicta: Entry Level Convertible

2014 Buick Invicta. This is a pretty straight forward Opel-to-Buick chop, the base photo being the new Opel Cascada convertible. For this Buick version, I lengthened the rear trunk and overhang for a more balanced appearance, and I reprofiled the roof to include a much wider rear window.  I'd actually like the rear window to wraparound slightly, so I think it might need to be three pieces, with slender frames, and they'd all nicely fold into the boot area. That would be a neat look back at Buick's 3-piece rear windows on the many of their '57s. I also added the black/chrome rocker moldings, the Ventiports and Buick grille and gave it a sparkly cherry paint job. I would position this at the Verano level in Buick show rooms, in the $32-35,000 range. It would be a nice bookend to the eventual Buick flagship coupe/convertible, the Riviera.


  1. If only!!

    This is a great idea and would certainly generate buzz and lower the average age of buyer for Buick. I love the homage to the 57 Buick's three piece rear window as on all the B bodies and some 2-door C bodies. It really shows the dominance that General Motors ahd at that time that Super and Roadmastr 20door Rivieras could be ordered with or without the three-piece rear window.

    I'm also reminded of the 56 (not sure if they did it in 55 -- I'll have to check) curved ear windows on Chrysler and DeSoto convertibles -- and those windows were plastic! I have a feeling they were not terribly durable!

    Paul, NYC

  2. thanks, Paul! Oddly, I'm not receiving email notifications for comments anymore. I hope I haven't missed any. Blogger changes things almost weekly without telling me, lol! I think there could be a reasonable case for the Cascada to make the trip to the USA, but there is always the price issue. They'll probably have to charge more than American buyers would be happy with.

  3. WOW... you've out-done yourself on this one! This is proof of how gorgeous an Opel-to-Buick transformation could be. I'm afraid GM will bring this car to fruition by simply slapping on a Buick waterfall grill and a tri-shield emblem on the trunk.

  4. The last time the American buying pubic witnessed a Buick 2 door convertible was with the Reatta. I am so glad that some 23 years later they're smart enough to offer yet another attractive drop chop. I like Casey's little modifications, top job!

    For those interested in the 90's classic, check the link out:

  5. Handsome. Sleek. Modern. The disappointment is not in the design but the situation where Opels become Buicks. I long for the days when they could produce Roadmasters ( was there ever a better name for a model?), Skylarks and Rivieras. There are rumors of a coming Riviera. Let's hope they don't settle for a new coupe with a waterfall grill from another model to save $1.37 per unit. Maybe someday you could do a new Riviera. A car whose shape can be recognized from 150 yards away. Whose lines put a smile on the face of a French fashion designer but wipe a smile off the face of a chief designer in Asia or Europe because he knows his latest coupe now looks kind of dowdy. Keep up the good work.


  6. With the hard-top convertible, there is too much lose of trunk volume with top down. Bad if you need luggage, golf club, etc space AND top down. We need more soft top vehicles that can carry more than two people and their luggage.