Monday, December 24, 2012

Cadillac 3-Window Business Coupe for 2014

The re-emergence of a bygone bodystyle

Happy Holidays from casey/artandcolour!

2014 As more and more "coupes" debut with four doors, I'm reintroducing a bodystyle not seen since the early postwar years, the 3-Window Business Coupe. The space behind the front seats is beautifully finished with built in nacelles for the optional fitted luggage. The huge trunk, which may be opened as a hatchback or smaller, separate trunk lid, is also finished to a high degree with brushed aluminum, leather, wool carpeting and polished wood. And yes, it's a plug-in electric vehicle.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas present. Thanks.


  2. As you might imagine, I love this concept. I've always had a soft spot for business coupes and would love to see them return. It's interesting that in the "olden" days three-passenger coupes were very popular -- and many were in highline cars -- all the Chrysler series had them, as did Buicks and Packards and many others. In those days, each series had one four door sedan and a whole raft of two-door body styles. My goodness how that has changed!

    I also find it curious that when it comes to coupes, the rear window was counted in the window count -- three window coupes had a rear window and two side windows and five-windor coupes had a rear window and four side windows. But with sedans, e.g., four window and six window, just the side windows were counted!

    Just food for thought!

    Paul, NYC

    1. It's thoughts like that about the window count that keep me going! You're right though, coupes count the rear window and sedans don't.

  3. There's plenty of space in the trunk for Santa's goodies :)

  4. SUPER COOL!! Love it ,Love it Ed Welburn needs to see this! Marty

  5. Thanks, everyone! When I make these "far out" chops, I'm never quite sure how they'll be received. My "peeps" here get me though! Thanks again!

  6. I like the idea of a business coupe. It look more cool then another SUV or CUV/crossover. :-)

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