Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Imperial Convertible, 300 Sport Wagon. Past Retro.

A mid 2000s 300 front clip, an extended wheelbase and a '69-'71 fuselage era-inspired Imperial body combine to make this very elegant 2008 Imperial Crown Convertible.

S H A M E L E S S   S E L F - P R O M O T I O N — My two little blogs clicked over 400,000 combined hits recently. Yeah, lol! To "celebrate" here are two more retro-inspired Chryslers I've created. These were done in my early days of rendering cars in Photoshop, 2005 or 2006, and the quality is a bit rough, but I love these two cars. Thanks to everyone that checks out my work and makes this blog-thing worthwhile!
An original '55 300/Imperial front clip is mated with a restyled 2005 Magnum sport wagon body. I also added typical Exner-period chrome rocket taillight tubes in the rear. I would love to see this car on the road, lol.


  1. I've always loved that Imperial convertible since the Combustion Chamber days! If only...

    The 300 wagon is terrific, too. One of the unforgivable things that Cerbrus (that might not be the right spelling but I dislike them so much I don't care if I spell there name wrong) did when they controlled Chrysler was to kill the Dodge Magnum. Companies don't build station wagons because no one buys them but no one buys them because no one builds them. A vicious circle. I can't forgive them for killing the PT Cruiser convertible either! The whole PT Crusier exercise, successful as it was the first few years, was a lost opportunity for Chrysler (should have been a Plymouth!).

    Paul, NYC

  2. Wow! You have really been busy! Great stuff. I like it all but am really drawn to the 300 wagon. Although I know it is a combination of old and new it seems retro. Although I love the car it seems like the backround should be a mid-fifties twin-engined plane ala Sky KIng!

    I think I'm showing my age. Thanks for the cars and the memories.


  3. Casey,

    Regarding the Chrysler sport wagon, have you ever seen JF Kustom's '56 Chrysler Wagon "R'evolution"? It's a mashup of a '56 Chrysler and a Magnum wagon and sold for $187K at B-J a while back.


    Ronnie Schreiber
    Cars In Depth

  4. Seems like your brain owns my dream driveway. Anyway, totally onboard with these two Chrysler ideas. (Convertible and especially the wagon).

  5. I love the Imperial front on the Magnum body. I once (in a much more primitive way) put a '51 Hudson front on a Magnum body to create the Hudson New Hornet. (The Magnum body is a natural for this!!)