Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lighter and Glassier Accord Coupe for 2014?

To answer the headline, sadly, no. This lighter and glassier Accord coupe isn't going to be introduced at any time soon. 

C H O P S — Honda Styling's long descent into heavier, thicker, fuller, blobbier cars continues unabated with their recently introduced Accord Coupe for 2013, and I continue to try to push them in another direction, lol. Hondas once had some of the lowest beltlines and thinnest pillars around. No longer. I've tried to bring back a simpler Accord coupe with this chop. It's a hatchback, too. I think all Hondas should have hatches. And badass, high-strung, and frugal, cutting-edge, powerplants and drivetrains.


  1. Call it the Prelude and bring it to market!

  2. I like the Caseyized lettering on the grille. never expect that from Honda but a nice touch.

  3. I think you are right. Honda's downward spiral happened about the same time as their move away from the light airey greenhouses. Some of the Civics have been OK but the Accords look too fat and awkward. Show them what they should do!


  4. This is very nice. I think Honda has gone wrong in trying to ape Toyota. My ex and I had a 90 Civic hatchback and it was light and tossable and very quick. We recently got a Civic from Zipcar and it was very disappointing. It was a bitch to get in and out of and felt very confining. It just felt heavy and not fun at all. I'm not hopeful about the new Accord but I guess we'll see before too long. If only all these car companies would just do what you tell them, we'd all be much better off!

    Paul, NYC