Thursday, June 21, 2012

2020 Lincoln MKH/3

The Future of the Performance Luxury Sedan?

Well, sometimes you just want to have fun: Turning a Ferrari FF into a H-igh-performance H-ydrogen fuel-cell H-ybrid Lincoln kinda fun!  The MKH/3. Click on image to enlarge, as always.

This roomy-but-small Lincoln would be offered in the year 2020 and would include a hydrogen fuel-cell, as well as a tiny supercharged diesel engine and programmable lithium-ion hybrid drivetrain. "Gas" mileage would be measured in the months, not miles and when plugged into the grid at night, your little Hot Rod Lincoln would create enough energy to run your 21st century clean & green home the next day. A solar-paneled roof would help power the Lincoln's batteries during the day.

Base photo was the just-introduced Novitec-Rosso Ferrari FF.


  1. Lincoln is heading in the right direction with their upcoming all new MKZ, the most stunning design to date. Its lines aren't traditional either, perhaps that's the secret in turning heads. A small size sedan like the one you created above would indeed put the company ahead of the competition and become a technological marvel like Tesla. For now, they can use the electric Focus to do the trick for now with a much fancier interior/exterior.
    Good job buddy!